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I need to apologize for having neglected the nail section on my blog for a while! I do however have a nail post in store for you today. The brand Zoya has some amazing nail polishes of which I’ll be showing you some in this post.

One major draw back of “normal” nail polish (non gel or striplac polishes) is that it can chip real quick. I absolutely hate it when I’ve just spent aeons doing my nails and five minutes later a nail’s already chipped. For this reason Zoya has a set called Color Lock which is supposed to prolong the durability of the polish. So of course I had to try it out and see whether it really works.

The Color Lock System is made up out of 4 components + the nail polish that you want to use.
Remove+ – Anchor Basecoat – Nail Polish – Armor Topcoat & UV Block – Fast Drops Speed Dry Drops

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1) Remove+ is a 3 in 1 solution which is a polish remover, nail cleaner & nail prep. It hydrates, strengthens and nourishes the body of the nail but also contains a little acetone so that it gets rid of any old polish and also eliminates oil. With less oil in the nail the polish will adhere better. All you need to do is thoroughly press a soaked pad to the nail for a few moments and wipe the nail clean with it.

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2) The Anchor Basecoat contains complex protein chains which strengthen the connection between the body of the nail and the polish. The Anchor also strengthens the nail and prevents it from getting brittle. After having prepared the nail with Remove+ you need to apply one coat of the Anchor Basecoat.

Colour small3) Apply two coats of a Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer or any other of your favourite polishes. From the Zoya set which you can see in the first photo I chose the purple shade called Lidia. The blue polish is called Sia and the red one is Janel.
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4) Armor Topcoat & UV Block protects the brilliance of the color and increases its longevity. This formula blocks UV rays and prevents bleaching of the color. The Armor is flexibel which makes sure that the polish doesn’t chap. The same as with the Anchor you only need one coat of the Armor but if you want it to last even longer reapply it every two days. Fast drops small

5) The last step is applying the Fast Drops Speed Dry Drops which averts imperfections, dries the polish quickly and enhances color vibrancy. Place a drop on to the base of each nail, tilt the hand and allow the product to spread naturally. Final small

There we go the final result of the Zoya Color Lock System.
What I really like is that apart from the drops you don’t have any more steps than with the classic base coat, color, top coat manicure but you have a massively better result. One thing I hate is when those nasty little bubbles appear on your nails. With the drops I was able to prevent that every time I used them. They also helped dry the nail polish substantially faster no matter what brand I used for the color polish. The nail polish also lasted a lot longer but if I know I’m going to be doing things like the dishes or working in the garden than I will still opt for a gel striplac. All in all though I am thoroughly impressed with this great little kit and I love the three colors from the box set as well.

Are you already a fan of Zoya?


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