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For as long as I can remember I’ve only used Elmex dental care products so when I got a huge parcel from Zendium containing all their products I was very excited to try a different brand with another approach to dental care. What immediately caught my eye was that Zendium advertises their five reasons for using Zendium so I’ll start off with showing you them.

  1. Zendium strengthens the mouth’s natural defences
  2. The body’s own natural defences are made up of enzymes and proteins which is what Zendium contains as well
  3. Zendium is also great for sensitive mouths because it foams up gently and contains mild aromas
  4. The products are mild yet still effective because with each use the mouth becomes more resilient against caries and gum problems
  5. Zendium has been an established brand since it was launched in the Netherlands in 1979

Besides these five reasons to use Zendium’s products they also have another major advantage. You know how if you eat something after you’ve just brushed your teeth the food can taste really gross and bitter? With Zendium products that doesn’t happen because of the gentle foaming agent they use.

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As I already mentioned Zendium actually sent me their whole product range to try out so I will quickly talk about each product.

First up is the Complete Protection toothpaste which doesn’t only protect the teeth but also the entire mouth.
The toothpaste I’ll be using most is the Sensitive one because my teeth and gum are rather susceptible to pain. Sensitive contains saltpetre which soothes the teeth and gum.
A few times a year I’ll whiten my teeth and I like to use a whitening toothpaste during the process like the Zendium Gentle White. This toothpaste was developed to restore the teeth’s natural whiteness without damaging the enamel.
The last toothpaste is the one for Kids from ages 1-6 which protects and strengthens the milk teeth.

Also named Complete Protection is Zendium’s mouth wash which as with all their products works with enzymes and proteins to strengthen the mouth’s natural defences. Besides that it is important to know that it is without alcohol and very mild.
Zendium also has the Complete Protection Soft Toothbrush which as the name already says has especially soft and rounded bristles for thorough cleaning.
As you can see in the image below there is a third product which looks like a mini toothpaste but in reality it is a cute little eraser. I love it! 🙂

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying all the different products except for the Kids toothpaste of course! Firstly I really like the toothpaste packaging and design. I think that it looks very modern and clean. As you know I always talk about how something smells or tastes and with Zendium I can’t help but say that it just tastes like normal toothpaste. My favourites of the range are the Sensitive and the Gentle White toothpastes but I was also very impressed with the mouthwash. In conclusion I’d say that Zendium is strong competition for Elmex! They’ve already won me over.

Have you already tried out Zendium?


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