Yankee Candles Christmas Present Review

Less than two weeks to go till advent finally begins! I am so looking forward to the snow, the Christmas cookies, and most of all, lying on the snuggly sofa with a good book, a hot cup of tea and wonderfully scented candles. My new candle discovery for winter 2015 are the fragranced Yankee Candles. I’m sitting here in front of my computer engulfed in the fruity and sweet scent of the candle “Berry Trifle”, the refreshing “Winter Glow”, the twelve cute “Cosy By The Fire” candles and last but not least the woodsy “Bundle Up”, all by Yankee Candles.

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Before I go into the details about the aromas let’s talk some facts.

I got the medium Berry Trifle jar, which should have a burning life of 65-90 hours and costs CHF 29.50 in their Swiss online store.
The small Winter Glow jar costs CHF 14.90 and is said to last 25-40 hours.
I tested 12 Cosy By The Fire tea lights which each should give light for 4-6 hours and come at a price of CHF 13.90 for the set of twelve.
If you want to give the candles a try I’d suggest the sampler size, which I tried with Bundle Up and that only costs CHF 3.50 and lasts 15 hours.

Unfortunately I can’t give you a guarantee on the duration because I didn’t time the candles but they definitely last a while!

The small, medium and large jar all come with a practical lid and when you’re testing them in the store you should smell inside the lid for the most intense aroma.

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On to the various fragrances.

Berry Trifle is out of this world. It smells like a bouquet of freshly picked berries combined with a sweet touch of vanilla. It compliments everything I adore about advent and Christmas time. It’s very strong and spicy and thus gives you a warm hug on a cold winter night. My favourite place for this candle is on my nightstand since I love drifting off into the land of dreams hand in hand with this heavenly and warming scent.

As much as Berry Trifle impressed me, Winter Glow sadly disappointed me. I don’t mind the fragrance but I haven’t fallen head over heels for it either. It reminds me of air freshener in a very sterile lavatory. Winter Glow has this clean and crisp lemony air. I find it’s an awakening scent rather than the deeply relaxing Berry Trifle. I would still burn this candle but probably in the bathroom and not my living or bedroom.

Cosy By The Fire has some similarities to Berry Trifle. It radiates this calming, spicy and wintery warmth. The candles remind me of enjoying a hot punch by the fire after a long day skiing in the Alpes. These tea lights are perfect for lighting up a romantic path in the snow or arranging a heart-warming gesture for your significant other like the heart shape in the photographs.

Lastly we’ve got Bundle Up. This candle is closer to Winter Glow but without the lavatory feeling. It’s got the zingy lemon scent but isn’t as washed out like Winter Glow. Bundle Up kept the sugar and spice and can give you the right kick of energy for your day. I can imagine placing a bunch of the Bundle Ups on our Sunday advent brunch table to get the family up and going after a well-earned sleep in.

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All in all my favourite is Berry Trifle, closely followed by Cosy By The Fire and Bundle Up. These candles are a bit on the pricey side but in return you get luxurious, high quality and deliciously scented candles that last for a long time. If you’re looking for a practical yet beautiful present Yankee Candles are my go to for Christmas 2015!


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Another great present is the Caudalie Thé des Vignes set and the best thing is that you can win one! All you have to do is subscribe to my blog’s newsletter. You can do this by clicking on lifestyle in the header and you’ll see a box in the top left corner where you can submit your email. Good luck! 🙂



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