Yankee Candle Spring 2017

ProductsIt’s high time for another post about the deliciously scented candles from Yankee Candle. It’s no exaggeration when I say that I literally go through one of these candles every week. I always light one before going to bed so that I can drift off to sleep with a calming scent lingering around the room and I usually have one burning while working at my desk too. So naturally I was delighted to try out some of their new scents and tell you about them. Cherry BlossomFirst off is this cute pink combo called Cherry Blossom. As the name already hints at this fragrance is perfect for Spring and fills your room with the scent of sweet cherry blossoms. It’s a very natural and fresh scent which would also work great for in the bathroom. Linden Tree I got to try the candles Linden Tree in the form of 12 scented tea light candles which are always great for on a dinner table or to spread out around the living room. This scent reminds me of a lazy Sunday laying out in a field with a good book feeling the warm sun rays touch your face. Again a very floral scent which is absolutely relaxing and mesmerising.
Wild MintIn the beginning I was rather skeptical of Wild Mint as I am not a huge fan of mint unless it’s in a nice cup of tea. 🙂 Slowly however I feel it’s grown on me. It’s certainly a very powerful and strong scent so I would recommend lighting it in a larger room. Strawberry ButtercreamI saved my two favourites for last. Strawberry Buttercream and Cappuccino Truffle! Cappuccino Truffle is a sensual mix of roasted coffee and rich chocolate. A must-have for all you coffee and chocolate lovers out there! My absolute favourite though is Strawberry Buttercream. Mhmmm… this scent is so amazingly yummy I just want to eat it up. It really does smell like super sweet frosting!

What’s your favourite Yankee Candle?


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