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clear-skin-copyI am already 19 years old and still my acne hasn’t completely cleared. Although I was lucky and haven’t had massively bad skin throughout my teenage years I am slowly but surely sick of constantly having to cover up those pesky little zits and worrying that my skin will break out at the worst moments. In the last couple of months I’ve tried lots of tips and tricks on how to get that clear and glowing complexion. Today I want to tell you what worked for me and hope that a few of the ideas will help you get that gorgeous skin you deserve!


For me it isn’t one thing that worked but a whole bunch of lifestyle changes. With some it takes longer to see results and with others it’s amazing at how quickly my skin goes from unhappy to healthy.


My diet is what effects my skin the most. If I’ve been eating a lot of sugar, fat, and dairy my skin will break out immediately. It isn’t one specific food but a combination of piling a lot of crap into my system.

For two weeks now I’ve been mostly dairy-free and I can’t tell you at how amazed I was at what it did to my complexion. After only one short week my zits and acne were practically gone and I have less oily and dry patches too. I don’t know what it is in dairy but apparently it wreaks havoc with our inner balance. I in no means propose that you completely cut dairy out of your life. I am not a fan of any diet that bans one food group completely. I can however highly recommend being conscious of how much dairy is in our daily diet and substituting certain dairy products with other yummy foods. It’s actually easier than you might think.

Instead of cow milk opt for soy, almond, coconut or rice milk. If you need cream for a sauce just use coconut milk. It’s even creamier than cream and absolutely delicious. Cheese is a bit trickier but again just minimise you intake.

Another dietary hack is to cut out as many processed foods as you can. By doing this you will automatically drastically reduce your intake of salt, sugar and fat which are all not helping your skin. Again I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy that Big Mac or a Snickers every once in a while. Just make it a priority to eat natural, organic, homemade foods on a regular basis and keep the fast-food to a minimum.



A super easy and important tip is to keep your body and skin hydrated. I carry a big Camelbak bottle around with me at all times. With their great straw system you won’t even realise how quickly your jugging that water. If you have trouble drinking lots of water go for unsweetened tea or add some lemon juice to your water.

Lemon juice isn’t just great for flavour but will also help clear up your skin. I try and drink at least one lemon’s worth of lemon juice per day with my water.



The reason why acne and pimples appear is because the pores get clogged up with all the sebum. If your skin is in really bad shape wipe it with a wet flannel as often as possible to keep those glands free. At least once a day use a gentle peeling or if your skin is having a good day a gentle face wash lotion will do the trick.

Apart from when you’re washing your face, do not touch it! You’re only going to make things worse. Your hands have no business on your skin.

It goes without saying but always and I mean ALWAYS take that makeup off as soon as you can. I don’t care if you’ve been out all night partying and can barely walk straight, you are not going to go to bed with your pores all blocked up with makeup and unable to breathe! I also try to wear as little makeup as possible on a regular basis and make sure I’ve got plenty of makeup free days.


If all the above tips don’t work you can always make an appointment with a dermatologist. In my tougher years I used the more rugged creams that my doctor gave me which did help but they also made my skin very dry and flaky. Personally I try to keep it as gentle and natural as I can but if nothing else works there’s always another way.

What has or hasn’t worked for you in the fight against acne?


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