“What is this?” Game

Today we are going to play a little game called “What is this?”. While scrolling down slowly you will see different close up images of an item. Your goal is to guess what item you are looking at in as few images as possible. Leave a comment below saying how many fotos you had to look at until you knew what it was! Let the games begin!
BikeCatLeatherRoofSewing MachineDoorSignNameDollFabricOne more to go. Last chance!
InsideIt’s a handbag! 🙂Bag DownI have honestly never seen a bag with so much amazingly beautiful detail. This bag is called Vendula Sewing Shop Grab Bag by Vendula London. Vendula London is a UK based brand which creates funky and unique bags and accessories. Their moto is: ‘Original and fabulous bags & accessories that will make you smile!’ You can look at and purchase their must-have products at retailers all around the world and online.BagThe bag I chose features the cutest little sewing shop ever. It’s the perfect accessory to give that great vintage look to your spring outfit. I’m someone who wears way too much black so this light teal and cream bag will give my outfits that touch of colour they need for this season. I just love how the bag stands out and is a massive eye-catcher. Furthermore it doesn’t just catch one’s eye for a moment but makes you want to look closer at all the details especially the swinging sign and old sewing machine. This is a definite spring/summer 2017 must-have!

How many fotos did it take you to guess that it was a handbag?


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