w7 Kiss Me Makeup

Yawn, I’ve just gotten up. Have you also had a nice sleep in after a long night of New Year’s partying? 🙂
To hide the last traces of the long night, that coffee couldn’t banish from our faces, I’ve done a makeup look with w7 cosmetics. One of my favourite pieces, as the title of this post already suggests, is the Kiss Me Plumping Gloss which I will showcase later on. So grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy!

W7 look small

First to get some colour back into those cheeks I’ve applied the Cheeky Chaps Multi Blush which is a mix of six different pink and nude tones and gives you a nice morning (or afternoon! 🙂 ) glow. I’ve placed it on my cheekbones with a fluffy angled brush.


To prime my eyes I’ve used the Prime and Glow Illuminating Primer so that the eyes radiate, shine and thus hide the long night out. For eye primer I like to just use my ring or pinky finger because they have the least strength and you can therefore treat your eye lids with precision and care.


For the eye shadow I’ve decided to use the ultra cool Making Waves Eye Colour which comes in this awesome wave design. To highlight the inner corner of my eye and my brow arch I’ve used the lightest tone. For a base I’ve chosen the second lightest nude and for the outer corner and the wing I used the darker chocolate colours.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 14.09.07

Lastly on to my favourite part of this look! the Kiss Me Plumping Gloss! This shiny finish for your lip look consist of a see-through lipgloss with peppermint flavour. I absolutely love the consistency and the flavour of this gloss. You can apply it on top of any of your favourite lipstick colours to get your lips kiss ready!


I hope you like this après New Year look and you can find more w7 cosmetics here.

Happy 2016!


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