Viva Havana with Yankee Candle

ProductsViva Havana – That’s the name of Yankee Candle’s new summer scent which is joined by other hot summer candles that all remind of a cuban summer and its old havana. MinisHere you see the Viva Havana Tarts which you can use instead of water and oil in your aroma lamp. The scent is made up of sandalwood, spices and vanilla. For me personally it also has a slight coconut scent which makes it super summery.
The Delicious Guava Small Jar is a very sweet and tropical summer aroma candle. Even though they are all super yummy I personally like Delicious Guava candle the most as I just love sweet fragrances.SunIn the center of my little mojito sun is the Cuban Mojito Medium Jar and on the outside the Cuban Mojito Tea Lights. The fragrance Cuban Mojito is very strong and dominant. Although it’s pretty powerful it doesn’t seem heavy as it contains refreshing mint and lime scents.
FlowersMy initial reaction was that tobacco flower can’t smell good but luckily I was wrong. These two Tobacco Flower Samplers smell sort of spicy and sweet and are a very warm scent. Delicious!


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