Veet Beauty Styler

As usual my Sundays are reserved for wellness and looking after my body. This normally consists of  taking a steamy bath, drinking a delicious smoothie and a cleansing face mask. Last Sunday’s face mask was one of the Magicstripes ones I talked about the other day. You can check the post out here. Last Sunday however I additionally tried out my new Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler which I’d like to show you now. The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler is an awesome device designed to trimm hair in sensitive regions such as your face, bikini area and underarm pits.The Beauty Styler is supposed to be very fast and gentle so you need not fret that you’re going to cut yourself. It also comes with additional attachments so it is easier to style the hair. Before we take a look at what all the different attachments do I’d like to mention that the Styler comes with a handy little bag to store everything in, a brush to clean the attachments with as well as a protecting cap which you can see above. This first attachment is designed to make your life easier when styling your eyebrows. One side is a 6mm trimmer and the other a 16mm trimmer. This add on for the first trimmer has a 2mm and a 4mm side made to cut all the hairs to the same length. This wider attachment is meant for your bikini area and armpits. The trimmer is 20mm wide and should make it easy to trim any unwanted hair precisely and effortlessly. This add on which can be adjusted four different ways enables you to trim your hair to one of four lengths.
The Veet Beauty Styler is a very useful and easy to use device. For those who worry about pain or cutting your self don’t worry it’s completely pain-free and won’t cut your skin. The Styler is definitely a good investment especially as it has so many different functions!After styling my brows I like to treat my skin to some extra care which I’ve currently been doing with the Velvety Hydro-Biotic Cream by Laboratoires Novexpert Paris. Sometimes my skin can be a little irritated after styling. The Hydro-Biotic Cream is perfect for treating the irritation as it has calming and hydrating effects. The main ingredients that make this possible are Omega-3, hyaluronic acid, prebiotics and magnesium. Now that the skin is taken care of you can go and show off your on fleek brows.