Valentine’s Day Fragrances

Whether you’re a fan or not you have to admit that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to talk about a few  sweet new fragrances. If you’re in a relationship and celebrate the day perfumes can be a great way to say I love you. If you’re single you might want to amp up your game with a sexy and flirty new scent. Or if you also celebrate Valentine’s Day by gifting not only your SO but also friends and family then why not surprise them with a new floral fragrance. Today I’ll be showing you some new ones out there worth noticing.Let’s begin with this gorgeously detailed limited edition L’Eau de Parfum by Yves Rocher called Oui à l’Amour. I love the stunning bottle design of this collector’s edition with its inset heart. The scent itself can be described as fruity, floral and oriental. When I first saw the bottle I feared it would be too sweet and floral and not sexy enough but I was mistaken. It definitely has a few deeper, darker and more sensual notes which give it that perfect combination. The ingredients are angelica which give it a freshness, essential LMR™ rose which creates the floral note, tonka bean which has an almondy warm note and lastly cedar wood which creates that depth I like.Also from Yves Rocher I can recommend the Grand Rouge Matt Lipstick in the shade 152 to create that perfect Valentine’s Day look. Combine it with the perfume and you’re all set! Besides its luscious dark old rose shade the lipstick also feels super comfortable even though it has a matte finish. This is thanks to a formula enriched with regenerating camellia oil.  Another beautifully designed fragrance is Mademoiselle Azzaro. This Eau de Toilette represents the Parisian woman as the scent paints the picture of la parisienne strolling through the streets and soaking up the sun in a café. The fragrance is fresh, playful and chic with its floral and fruity bouquet. Peach gives it a fruity and deliciously sweet touch.The Syringa Flower creates a jasmine-like air to it. Lastly the noble Iris Wood gives it a unique and rich note. Who said only guys could give fragrances on Valentine’s Day? It’s just as sweet to give your man a sexy scent on this romantic day. How about Tom Tailor’s Urban Life Man Eau de Toilette. I like how unique this scent is and that it doesn’t just have that musky male perfume fragrance but also quite a sweet and fruity side to it. The components are lemon, mandarine, bay leaf, cedar wood and musk. If you aren’t a huge fan of wearing perfume but still enjoy delicious scents then you might like this Yon-Ka Paris Aromatic Candle in the scent Cedar – Cypress. I love lighting scented candles to relax before going to bed, while taking a hot bath or while I’m working. Especially during these cold winter days its so nice to relax and enjoy the small things in life. This aromatic candle from Yon-Ka has a slightly spicy and pine scent as well as a warm honey and resin tone. It really reminds me of an autumn walk through the forest.

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