Testing AcalaQuell

I believe that the water in Switzerland is pretty clean and tasty and most of the time I just drink tap water. There are however many people who swear on water filter systems or bottled water and there are many different types of water filters that you can buy. So in the spirit of trying to drink more water I decided to give one of these filtering systems a try. After looking around a bit I quickly stumbled upon the brand AcalaQuell which had some pretty good looking water filters. From AcalaQuell I decided to try out their AcalaQuell Swing filter and also their Drinking Bottle. I gotta say that visually I quite like the bottle design as well as the filter itself. So what does this filter do exactly? Basically it should remove 99% of all materials that we do not want to drink like cadmium, lead, uranium, silver, chlorine, medicines and hormones. The next question is how does the filter get rid of these undesirable materials? The water runs through different levels which start with the limestone pad. This pad removes limestone by binding calk to itself. The next level is the micro sponge which collects dust, rust and fine particles. The last level is the filtering cartridge which reduces calk, nitrate and heavy metals. This last level also adds the good materials that you want in your water like magnesium, calcium, tourmaline and quartz.
At first I was rather sceptical but what amazed me most was how different and delicious the water tasted. This motivated me to drink more water and by having the water in a jug I could always see how much or little I had already drunk. On this matter AcalaQuell has launched a summer challenge where you should try and drink two litres of their filtered water a day for ten days and reflect on how this different water makes you feel.
I like the design of the drink bottle a lot and also that it’s made of glass so you don’t get a funny taste in your water. What I didn’t like so much is that the rubber around the bottle smells quite strange and chemically. I had to wash and scrub it many times before the smell was bearable but I still haven’t gotten it quite off. Lastly I’ve got a little surprise for you! – A discount code! When you’ve registered with AcalaQuell and go to the check out you can enter the code RD5 and you will get 5% off your order.

Let me know how you find the filtered water in comparison to tap or bottled water.