Teeth Whitening & Dental Hygiene

ProductIn order to have that winning smile we all crave we need to take extra good care of our teeth. However sometimes even the best of care doesn’t give you that blinding white smile. That’s where teeth whitening products come in. I’ve tried a couple of these in the last few weeks and here’s what I think about them.Glam WhiteFirstly I gotta say that I was pretty excited to try out the GlamWhite Bleaching Pen which I’ve been seeing all over Instagram lately. The pen promises to brighten your teeth in 5-7 days. So let’s take a look at what happened.BeforeIn the photo above you can see my teeth before bleaching them with the GlamWhite Pen. I have bleached my teeth before but it’s been a while. As you can see the teeth on the sides tend to go a little yellow no matter how well I clean them so I was hoping that the pen would especially brighten up those teeth. Using the pen is super simple. All you need to do is put some strange looking mouth holder thingy in your mouth which holds your mouth open. I had to get used to the feeling but after a while it didn’t really bother me. Then you apply the gel with the pen on your teeth and wait for a maximum of 60 minutes. SwatchAnd this is the result after using it for a couple of days. I am really impressed with the results as it brightened all the teeth but especially the ones on the sides beautifully. The gel also seems to be quite gentle which is a lot better for the teeth. So I can definitely recommend the GlamWhite Bleaching Pen.

In this photo I’m wearing some gorgeous jewellery by Phantasya. I just love that ring and earring combo. Check out my Instagram account and their website for more of their beautiful pieces which are made with Swarovski crystals. CuraproxFor those of you who don’t want to radically bleach their teeth or for those of you who want to keep the bleached teeth looking fabulous longer I’d highly suggest trying a whitening toothpaste like the Curaprox Black Is White or the Candida White Black-Pearls toothpastes. Both these toothpastes contain activated charcoal which absorbs substances that cause discolouration. I really like both products but I gotta say it’s sort of cool that the Curaprox Black Is White toothpaste is actually black! 🙂CandidaTo round off a great dental hygiene routine don’t forget the mouthwash. Try out Dr. Hauschka’s Sage Mouthwash which will strengthen and tauten your gums and give you fresh breath.

Do you bleach your teeth?


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