How to take Care of White Blonde Hair

SwatchAs you might have noticed I’ve dramatically changed my hair in the last few months. I went from long to short and then from brown to blonde. There are two reasons why it’s important to take good care of white blonde hair in particular. Firstly as always when you bleach your hair it’s vital to nourish it because bleaching is a very strenuous and damaging process for the hair. Secondly white blonde hair unfortunately tends to quickly go yellowish. To treat this you can’t use blonde hair products as they are aimed at yellow blonde hair. For white blonde, grey and white hair you need to use so called silver hair care products. For the last week I’ve been using this super cheap option by Xpel Hair Care which you can find on Parfumcity is an amazing online shop which has a huge selection of beauty products so be sure to go check it out here.ProductsThese are the three products by Xpel Hair Care that I’ve been using for a week now. At the top on the right you can see the Shimmer Of Silver Shampoo and on the left the Shimmer Of Silver Conditioner. Below are the Shimmer Of Silver Hair Treatment Shots.ShampooThe special thing about silver shampoo is that it is blue or purple. These two colors cancel out yellow which makes your hair appear more white blonde again without having to go to the hairdresser to have it bleached straight away. I find that you can’t really see a difference after one use but if you use it multiple times you really start to see the yellow vanishing. The conditioner on the other hand isn’t colored and its main job is to nourish the hair and give it back its health and shine. Although these two products are on the cheap end the results are astoundingly good. They really do brighten and protect the hair very well.TreatmentOn to the doozy of hair care products. Yes, I am speaking of the complete silver hair treatment shots. So these little shots basically combine the shampoo’s color effect and the conditioner’s repairing and protecting effect. The big difference is that the shots are highly concentrated and get the job done a lot quicker. HairThey’re pretty simple to use. All you need to do is mix a shot with the same amount of warm water and apply it for 3-5 minutes to your towel dried hair before rinsing the hair thoroughly. I tried one last night and today my hair feels a lot softer and the last stubborn patches of yellow have disappeared. All in all I’m super happy with these three products from that prove that also cheaper products can produce great results.




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