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Rituals Express Your Soul

I love Rituals’ refreshing citrus Sommer 2017 look and especially the limited edition line called Express Your Soul. The idea behind Express Your Soul is that life is a piece of art and its daily rituals are the colours. We should all every now and then take a break and embrace our personal rituals. The Read More …


Massive Face Mask Haul

Isn’t the weather just amazing! I’ve been trying to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible today. One thing I love doing on a relaxing and wonderful day like today is treat myself to a luxurious face mask. Recently I’ve been pretty much addicted to them! 🙂 In this post I will show you Read More …


Pink Box & Yankee Candle

I just love subscription boxes! So when I recently received a Pink Box in my letterbox you can imagine how hyped I was. 🙂 This Pink Box however isn’t your usual one but the Home Spa Special Edition Pink Box & Annabelle. Besides cooperating with Annabelle Pink Box also worked together with Yankee Candle who where Read More …