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Advent Skin Care Favourites

Just in time for the beginning of advent I’d like to share with you another skin care favourites post. This time I’ll be focusing on keeping the skin healthy, happy and hydrated during these cold and dry days where a little warmth and glow can never go wrong.A big part of my skin routine and Read More …


Artistry & I Am Skin Care Haul

I had often heard about the brand Artistry but had never tried any of their products myself up until now. I got a bunch of their skin care products which I’d like to show you today. While we’re on the subject of skin care I’m also going to show you two great new products from Read More …


Presenting I Am Clear Line

Did you find the king in the “Dreikönigskuchen” (Epiphany Cake). For everyone who doesn’t know the tradition I’ll quickly explain it. On 6th January we have this special cake which is more like  a sweet bread that consists of a ring of buns with a bigger bun in the middle. In one of the buns Read More …