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Fall Favourites 2017

It feels like ages since I’ve last done a beauty favourites piece which is why today I’m going to update you on some fall favourites for 2017 of mine.These first products aren’t exactly fall specific but as they are what I’m currently using I still would like to tell you about them. To maintain my Read More …


My Coconut Island

After yesterdays humongous post I’m gonna keep it short and crisp today. I’ve been posting a lot about my hair recently and there were two more products by Guhl that I wanted to show you as well as the delicious bath and shower gel by treaclemoon with its fabulous name My Coconut Island. I’d heard a Read More …


Beauty Favourites Summer 2017

Some new beauty favourites have been piling up recently that are especially good for these super hot days that I want to share with you.After a long day at work and out and about there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a super cold shower followed by drinking a tall glass of ice tea. It gets Read More …