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Major EOS Haul

Happy Monday morning! 😉 My first thought when I opened my eyes today was, this is going to be just another gloomy cold Monday morning. I was however gravely mistaken because when I flung open the curtains I was greeted with a dazzling view of snow covered trees and rooftops. It has snowed for the first Read More …


Beauty Favourites Summer 2017

Some new beauty favourites have been piling up recently that are especially good for these super hot days that I want to share with you.After a long day at work and out and about there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a super cold shower followed by drinking a tall glass of ice tea. It gets Read More …


November Favourites 2016

This month’s favourites post all revolves around products that will protect your skin and hair from the cold and dry winter air that’s been rolling in the last couple of weeks. There is nothing worse than having dry, cracked and itchy skin during the cold months so here are a couple of my favourite products Read More …