Sweet & Sexy Summer Scents

PerfumesI like to change up my perfumes depending on the season. For summer I prefer something light, floral, fun and sexy. In the evening it can be a little heavier but never too overpowering. Spring and summer are the flirt season so your fragrance should reflect if you’re ready to mingle. 🙂

Here are eight sexy summer scents including three for men. So while you’re shopping for your summer fragrance you can pick up a hot scent for your man too. Bronze GoddessNumber one on the list is one of my all-time favourites. Starting with the name Bronze Goddess this scent from Estée Lauder immediately makes you think of hot summer nights. The fragrance is very strong and sensuous and is made up of bergamot, warm amber, vanilla and coconut. The last two ingredients give it that signature summer feel. KorsAlso a traditional summer scent is Michael Kors’ Wonderlust. This sensual essence is for all of you who love to travel and simply can’t wait to explore exotic destinations. It’s gorgeous bottle reminds me of summer sunsets on the beach in some far away land. As with Bronze Goddess this scent also is very strong and unique. You’ll either hate it or absolutely love it. I love wearing this dominant fragrance during a night out where you want to stand out from the crowd.PoliceNext up are two amazing perfume bottles from Police. These energetic designs that you’ll definitely want to present on your vanity are filled with the perfumes To Be Mr & Miss Beat. They are aimed at young, active and trendy people who love two of the most trendy things: headphones and perfume. Mr Beat consists of hearty wood, leather, lavender and apple. Miss Beat is created by mixing vanilla, rose, white peach and coconut blossom. Both are very grounded and hearty scents. CologneNext to Mr Beat, The Wood from Dsquared2 is also a scent for men. There are two types of colognes. Firstly there are the classic ones which have a citrus base. Secondly there are powerful colognes which consist of aromatic and wood scents. As you may have guessed The Wood belongs to the powerful colognes group. They do however play with the classic cologne scent by adding citrus to the mix. The heart and base balance this with violet blossoms and cedar wood. CamutoWow! That bottle is breathtaking! This gorgeous creation holds the perfume Ciao by Vince Camuto. As the bottle hints at this scent is very floral and light making it perfect for a lovely summer day. It’s made up of Italian mandarin, pink grapefruit and berries as well as rose, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood.
HollisterHere are the last two perfumes for today. They are Hollister’s Wave 2 for her and Wave 2 for him. Both are great for a relaxing and fun day at the beach. Wave 2 for her is super floral, fruity and exotic whereas Wave 2 for him is fresh, woody, and fougère.


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