Super Huge Sephora Haul

HaulOMG! I’ve been transported from the real world to Sephora heaven! I got a whopping twenty products from Sephora which we’re going to wade through together. If you want to try any of these products yourself you can check them out and get them at ManorSephoraThere are so many products to go through so let’s get right into it. In this photo you can see in the middle in pink the Peony Hand Wash which contains peony flower extract. It looks and smells great and will definitely add some charm to your bathroom. On the right of the hand wash is a pretty cool Nail File as each of it’s four sides does something different. First you file the nails, then buff, next you polish them and lastly you add a little shine. Above the nail file is a golden triangle which is a beautiful Hair Clip. On the right of that you can see Sephora’s Mini Outrageous Curl Mascara which is the perfect size for in your handbag or travelling.
HairbrushMy favourite product from this humongous haul has got to be the Brush To Go. The reason I’m so impressed with it is because you can twist the bristles down as you can see in the image below.
BrushBy hiding the bristles after usage you can clean the brush a lot more easily. It also has an integrated storage space for barrettes and hair-ties. How cool is that!EyelinerHere I’m showing you the awesome tip of the waterproof Stylographic – Dramatic Line Felt Eyeliner. It’s perfect for creating all different types of lines and wings as you can easily adjust how wide the line will be. BrushesI’m very picky about my makeup brushes so trust me when I say that the brushes 91 and 205 are well worth their money. When you touch them you just melt they’re so soft. The bristles also don’t fall out and the quality simply amazes me. In between the two brushes the waterproof The Mascara is located with its stylish spacey design.HighlighterYaaasss, Highlighter!!! This is Sephora’s Glow Finishing Pressed Powder. I have to say though that it isn’t super sparkly so if you prefer a subtle glow then this is the highlighter for you. Also isn’t that pattern just gorgeous!SoapHere comes a whole bunch of products. Let’s start at the very left this time. The creamy pink container is the Moisturizing & Refreshing Body Jelly. It contains aloe vera and cactus extract which make this jelly super refreshing, cooling and moisturising. To the right in an old rose pink is the Outrageous Plump for some totally kissable lips. Next to the Outrageous Plump you see a cool orange bottle filled with Monoi Fever which is a bubble bath and shower gel. In front of it you’ll find the Kiss Me Gloss in the shade 06 Soda Addiction. Lastly in the bottom right corner is one of Sephora’s Colorful Duos in the shade 23 Nothing to Lose. This long-lasting eyeshadow has a darker matte shade and a lighter shimmering shade. TeaThe big turquoise bottle in this photo is filled with a Detoxifying Foam Cleanser which contains rhassaoul clay extract to achieve that extra deep cleanse for your skin. Of course a hand cream can’t be missing in a huge Sephora haul so here’s the Green Tea Moisturizing Hand Cream. I like that it’s only slightly scented because sometimes hand creams can be a little overpowering. If you’re a fan of creating stunning nail art you might want to invest in the Liquid Palisade which is an Easy-Peel Polish Barrier. You can see it just in front of the hand cream. LipsticksWe’ve nearly made it! These are the last two products from this haul. They’re the Flash Jumbo Lip Pencils in the shades 07 Sudden Plum (on the left) and 16 Purple Sprint (on the right). SwatchAs you can see 07 Sudden Plum is an opaque matte and 16 Purple Sprint is more a sheer gloss. I like to combine them creating a lovely ombré look. All you need to do is apply Sudden Plum to the outer sides of your lips and on the inner areas Purple Sprint.

Are you a huge Sephora fan as well?


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