Spiced Up Casual November Look

Yesterday my mum and I went and checked out the new Mall of Switzerland. You may say what you like about the huge new mall but you’ve gotta admit that this wall is so cool! I just had to do a quick impromptu photoshoot at the risk of people starring and constantly walking through the photos. 🙂 This casual November look is comprised of multiple fun brands which I am going to break down for you in this post. Let’s start with the most obvious. Yes, I’m talking about the blue hair. 😉 In the last few months I’ve trying my way through all the L’Oréal Colovista Washout hair colors and currently I’m flaunting the shade blue. The shade turned out a bit more aqua than I expected and honestly blue is not my favourite but I do like channeling my inner mermaid with this look.In any cool and casual look you need some funky sunglasses such as my new CO Optical Zoe 2050 1 sun glasses which I got from Mister Spex. I’m someone who tends to go for bigger sun glasses but I really love the cool vibes these sunnies have. Besides the pattern I’m also digging the design of these shades.
What’s really handy when you order glasses from Mister Spex is that you can try on their glasses virtually on their site with your webcam or a photo of you. Once you’ve narrowed your choice down you can order up to four glasses and try them on for ten days at home before deciding on the final model. Here you can find out more about Mister Spex’s concept.Next I’d like you to focus your attention on the super comfy and casual Skechers shoes I’m wearing. As you may have noticed I’m a huge fan of Skechers shoes whether for running, the gym or casual street style as I am wearing here. The new Skecher Street collection has an amazing range of high fashion look shoes for confident women. Whether it’s modest yet stylish sneakers or something a little more dazzling with rhinestones you’re after this new Skechers collection will have you covered.The model I chose is called Clean Street in the color white / pink. I love the subtle but stunning details such as the mix between the white smooth leather and the pink suede. Also the shimmering pink strip at the back of the shoes is a cute little eye-catcher. I though a perfect match for the white Skechers would be the colourful Esprit jumper which keeps me warm in this cold and grey November weather. Ever since the iPhone 7 came out I’ve been meaning to try some wireless over ear headphones and finally I’ve come around to doing so. These beauties are from Sony and are the h.ear on 2 Mini Wireless WH-H800 headphones in the shade pale gold.
Before I dive into my review on them however I’d like to mention the Lash Bar in Zurich which is an amazing place to get lash extensions such as mine and many other fantastic beauty treatments. Back to the Sony headphones. The first thing you’ll always notice is the design of something and Sony has truly created some beautiful headphones. Besides pale gold you can also get them in four other fun colours. I also like that they aren’t too big and feel very comfortable and light weight. The h.ear on 2 headphones connect to your phone via bluetooth but you can also use a cable incase the battery should run out. This is highly unlikely though as the battery lasts for 24 hours and charges very quickly. The sound quality is brilliant as well but if you want to tweak it even more you can get the App within which you can adjust the sound additionally. I’ve been using the h.ear on 2 Mini Wireless headphones for a few days now and can’t imagine going back to non wireless ones ever. I love not having to hold my phone while listening to music or chatting to someone on the phone. Also as the sound and muffling of the headphones is so good they’re ideal for on the train or plane. Definitely worth adding to your Christmas wish list! Lastly you may have noticed the delicate rose gold jewellery set I’m wearing. The rose inspired rose gold design is set with Swarovski crystals and is from Phantasya. The sparkling set consisting of a stunning necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring is perfect for the holiday season and will make any outfit shine! Again something to consider wishing for at Christmas. 😉





Photographs by Corinne Fordschmid