Skin Care with Click & Care

My skin has been pretty good recently which besides eating a lot healthier and drinking more water I put down to my strict skin care regimen. I like to switch the products up every now and then to try out new products. Here’s my current routine which mainly features Declaré Switzerland products which can all be found at Click and Care. Before we dive into the Declaré products however I’d like to introduce you to the Black Head Ex Mask which you might have already seen on social media. I use this handy little mask quite often as I tend to get those annoying black heads on my nose. If my skin isn’t in its best state I’ll also apply it to the rest of my face. The cool thing is that the black mask dries on your skin and attaches itself to all the little black heads so that when you pull it off the black heads get pulled out right alongside the mask. Once your pores are cleaned and ready for treating you can apply Declaré’s Age Essential Essence which is a regenerating multi active essence. In short this means that it is used and that its effects are quite similar to those of a serum. You apply it beneath your day or night cream and the effects are that it hydrates the skin, helps with anti-ageing and nourishes the skin. On top of the Age Essential Essence you can apply the Age Essential Cream to your face and neck which will deeply hydrates your skin as well as protecting it from ageing and reversing signs of aged skin.
To finish off this perfect set make sure to use the Age Essential Eye Cream because our skin around the eyes is especially sensitive and thus needs an extra fine product. This eye cream focuses on giving the skin back its elasticity and youthful look.  Most of us women unfortunately have cellulite somewhere on our bodies. If you want to treat it at home you can try the Swiss Sambucus Actives Serum Anti-Cellulite by Ionia Azuré. This Swiss serum contains natural ingredients and organic alpine plant extracts. The main ingredient is the extract of the sambucus nigra plant which reduces swelling. This means it is perfect for reducing cellulite and for tautening the skin. Definitely worth a try!

What’s your current skin care routine?