Sephora Winter Wonderland Haul

A couple days ago the doorbell rang at our house. When I opened the door all I could see was a huge parcel. It was so large that the postman completely vanished behind it! I was so excited as I had no clue what was in the box. Upon opening it I found this huge Sephora bag which conveniently changes into a suitcase with wheels. Today I want to show you all the amazing Sephora goodies which I found inside the awesome Sephora bag. Before I dive into the depths of the Sephora bag here’s an overview of some of the beautiful products all of which can be found at Manor. Currently Sephora and Manor are having a massive Black Friday sale so be sure to check them out!Enough chit chat – let’s begin right away with the La Piñata from the Sephora Collection. This piñata isn’t filled with sweets like most but with ten beauty surprises including makeup, skincare, bath products and accessories such as a mascara, cream lip stain, fingertip eyeliner or creamy body wash capsule. It’s the perfect surprise for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or any party for that matter. All you need to do is hang the cute fox piñata, gently pull on the ribbons and let the fun begin.I had often seen the Dr. Jart+ face masks and was intrigued by them. If like me you’d like to try them yourself then the Dr. Jart+ Tarot l-lll of Rubber Masks is the perfect set for you. The set contains the masks Bright Lover, Hydration Lover and Firm Lover all of which are moulding rubber masks and work with a two-step system. My favourite is the Hydration Lover but I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with all three of them and that’s coming from a face mask addict!As you might have seen in my Instagram story we are currently renovating our bathrooms. That’s why unfortunately I couldn’t try the Winter Wonderland Fizzing Snowballs and Bubble Bath. I can’t wait however to try them both in our new bathtub soon! I can though say that I love all of Sephora’s Winter Wonderland Collection packaging ideas and designs. Especially the 3 Fizzing Snowballs packaged to look like a snowman are so cute and perfect for a gift. I have tried one of Sephora’s other bubble baths and it instantly became my favourite so I’m sure this one will not disappoint either.The bath bombs and bubble bath both came in this great box with many more fun Winter Wonderland goodies which I will show you right away. I just wanted to say that these sturdy magnetised boxes are super handy for storing things in.  Here you see all the gorgeous goodies which were hidden in the cool box. The Winter Wonderland products from the Sephora Collection are super cute and handy which makes them ideal presents for advent and Christmas. Of course only if you can bear giving them away and not keep them all to yourself! If you are into advent calendars be sure to check out the Winter Wonderland one which I talk about in this post. Additionally I will be opening it along side many other calendars in my Instagram story in December. I’ve never been a huge fan of sleep masks because I tended to find them uncomfortable and too tight. So I was positively surprised when I found out that the Winter Wonderland Fox Sleep Mask is super soft and the elastic isn’t restricting at all. Also doesn’t it just look so cute! Great for having in your bag are the 3 Mini Fox Nail Files which would also be a nice addition to any homemade advent calendar.Lastly I’d like to show you two amazing makeup products which you can also get at Sephora. I’m talking about the Winter Queen Palette and the Too Faced Melted Matte Limited Edition Gingerbread Scented Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick – Wow that was a long name!The Winter Queen Palette looks absolutely magical with its golden glitter dusted lid and the stunning bronze interior. The face palette is composed of two intensely pigmented blushes, a subtle pearly highlighter and a healthy-glow bronzing powder. This beauty is perfect for your Christmas and New Year’s Eve makeup. I can’t wait to add some sparkle to my look with it during the holidays. I’ve saved my favourite for last. 🙂 Yes, of course it is a liquid lipstick! This Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick is absolutely breathtaking! The color is perfect for this season with its warm hue. As promised it is very Long Wear – trust me, I tried it at a delicious apéro riche! Besides being long lasting and beautifully pigmented the best part is the scent. This limited edition comes with a mouthwatering gingerbread scent and it really does smell like gingerbread! You definitely have to add this stunner to your Black Friday shopping list.

That’s it for my Sephora Haul… What are you going to get yourself or for friends on Black Friday?






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