Sephora & Amorelie Advent Calendars

I know, I know it isn’t even Halloween yet and I’m already talking about advent calendars. I have good reason though. As a kid my mum and I learned the hard way that advent calendars sell out extremely quickly and that they are usually already available in stores long before you’d think they would be. By the time you realised they were already soled out… That’s why I want to show you two beautiful and sexy calendars already in October. The first is this cute pink wonderland one by Sephora which as far as I can tell isn’t in stores yet but no doubt will be soon and will definitely be soled out quickly too. The Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar is filled to the brim with makeup, bath and accessories surprises so if you’re a beauty and wellness lover like me then this is the calendar of your dreams.The calendar isn’t just filled with beautiful things but is also an eye-catcher in itself. The calendar has a flap on either side which opens up so it looks like a sweet village in winter. In Switzerland Sephora has recently moved into Manor where I’m sure you’ll be able to find this calendar soon.The sexy calendar this year is the Amorelie advent calendar. If you know Amorelie then I’m sure you can guess what type of goodies lie hidden within this calendar. As you can imagine this calendar sells out super quickly each year so be sure to get yours right away here. This unique erotic calendar comes in two versions. Either you can opt for the cheaper classic version or the more luxurious premium edition. Both have exceptional value for money as the classic version contains products worth more than CHF 545 and the premium edition more than CHF 800! The calendars are especially good for beginners who don’t know which products they like and who want to try out some new things. It isn’t just for couples either but can be enjoyed solo. Also isn’t it just a stunning design as well!

What’s your favourite advent calendar?







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