Rituals… The Ritual of Anahata

Besides Rituals’ standard products they have limited edition ones as well which are usually centred either around spring / summer or autumn / winter. The current autumn / winter collection is called The Ritual of Anahata and features lots of different delicious must-haves. As they are a great Christmas present idea as well I wanted to tell you about this collection before all the Christmas shopping is over. So here we go! The Ritual of Anahata wants to give you the chance to find relaxing moments in your hectic everyday life and to open your heart. Rituals believes that by doing so you can recreate your inner equilibrium. The idea behind all Rituals products is that by turning everyday tasks into a calming ritual you can find inner peace. The main ingredients in The Ritual of Anahata which are said to relax the body and soul are rosewood which smells heavenly and has a calming effect and pine extracts which should reduce your stress level and lift your spirits.
The first two products I got are the Heart Opening Shower Foam and the Spread The Love Body Cream. The shower foam is super relaxing for during these cold winter days. When the gel comes in contact with water it immediately starts to froth up and transforms into a creamy foam.
I’m a longtime fan of Rituals’ body creams and was not disappointed with this limited edition version. The body creams always feel and smell absolutely heavenly and sink in so quickly that you won’t have any trouble putting on those tight jeans. Additionally I find the Rituals body creams to be very hydrating and produce excellent results.What I hate is when you have deliciously scented shower gels and body creams but then can’t get the matching perfume. Luckily Rituals has us covered with their Heart Soothing Body Mist which can ideally be also used as a home fragrance as it doesn’t leave behind any stains on textiles. As it has such a calming quality I will certainly be using it as a pillow scent to help me relax when going to sleep.We are just in the middle of renovating our bathrooms and I can’t wait to inaugurate our new wellness haven with the Rituals Heart Touching Fragrance Sticks which should last for up to three months.
What I love about Rituals is that the products aren’t just very good but that they also look lovely in your home and that they focus on helping you take time for yourself and all the lovely and precious moments in your life. I think the products from The Ritual of Anahata make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for yourself and your loved ones.Lastly from Rituals I’d like to introduce you to the most amazing product ever. Of course I am talking about the Softening Miracle Hand Scrub from The Ritual of Ayurveda. As I have mentioned before I get very dry hands in winter which sometimes even crack and start to bleed. I have tried countless hand cremes and usually have to resort to cortisone which isn’t super healthy. I was recommended to try this Rituals hand scrub and doubted it would be any good. The idea of the hand scrub is that you scrub and massage it onto your dry hands before rinsing it off. The peeling is enriched with nourishing oils, ginseng, Indian rose and sweet almond oil which should make the skin soft and hydrated after the peeling. The first time I tried the scrub I had very dry and chapped hands. I scrubbed away and then rinsed and was astounded at how soft and smooth my hands now felt. This product truly has been a miracle for my poor winter hands and I can only recommend it highly!If you also suffer from dry skin I would suggest finishing off the treatment by further nourishing your hands with the Hydrating Hand Cream from Dr. Hauschka. The cream works with the vitalising power of the resurrection plant, valuable oils from plants and marshmallow root. This Hydrating Hand Cream is an absolute must for winter.