Rituals Express Your Soul

Products RitualsI love Rituals’ refreshing citrus Sommer 2017 look and especially the limited edition line called Express Your Soul. The idea behind Express Your Soul is that life is a piece of art and its daily rituals are the colours. We should all every now and then take a break and embrace our personal rituals.
Body LotionThe limited edition line contains six different products from which I got to try out the Shimmer Body Cream. This citrus and floral scented body cream doesn’t simply nourish and hydrate your skin but also gives your skin a beautiful shimmery glow.
Sun CreamFrom the Ritual of Karma line I’ve tried the Sun Protection Milky Spray 50 so far. It’s a hydrating spray-on lotion with SPF 50 and it sinks in quickly which is a total must. As with all Rituals products this one too smells heavenly.

Do you also love the new packaging design of the limited edition Express Your Soul line?


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