Rituals Advent Calendar

As you will know if you’ve been reading my last couple of posts I’m going all out this year in regard to advent calendars. I won’t just be presenting them in blog posts but also opening each door in my Instagram story during December. The calendar I’m showing you today is from Rituals and if you’re interested in reading about the other calendars then you can find them here:
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Sephora & AmorelieRituals is an amazing body and home brand which creates great products which look stunning, smell divine and perform beautifully. I’m a long term fan of their body lotions and shower gels which are super hydrating and envelop you in a heavenly scent. Apart from these products however I haven’t tried many things from Rituals which is why I’m super excited to get to know more of their collection with this advent calendar.The calendar itself as all the Rituals products looks amazing in this dark green, red and golden Christmas tree design. I can’t wait to admire it in our living room during advent. I know it’s hard to imagine but Rituals created a second calendar which is even more amazing design and content wise. It’s called the luxurious calendar whereas this one is called the exclusive calendar. The luxurious calendar which is a bit more expensive than this one is golden and actually gets set up like a real Christmas tree on which the little boxes filled with the goodies hang from. If you’re interested in checking the two calendars out you can find them here
I’m so excited to find out what’s in this fantastic advent calendar and I am looking forward to discovering new Rituals products!

What calendar are you buying / wishing for this year?






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