How to Revive your Hair with L’Oréal Série Expert Nutrifier


Whether you’ve just dragged your hair through a massacre of hair bleaching and dyeing as I just have or whether your hair is super stressed and unhappy about the icy and dry air, it is always a good idea to give them a little revival treatment every now and then. After my recent transformation from red haired to blonde, to purple and back to blonde again I was in desperate need of a good, nourishing and reviving hair product line. What better time than to try out L’Oréal Professional Paris’ Série Expert Nutrifier line which you can get from Click & Care.


I started my new hair regime with the Nutrifier Glycerol + Coco Oil Shampoo. The one thing my hairdresser tells me every single time is to make sure that I only use products that don’t contain any silicone. Besides being silicone free this shampoo also contains coco oil which gives the hair an amazing glow and keeps it hydrated.

I am someone who always uses conditioner after washing my hair. I just love how smooth it makes it feel afterwards. This line from L’Oréal also has a silicone free conditioner that too contains coco oil. An amazing benefit from this conditioner is that you don’t have to leave it in for a certain amount of time. Personally though I like to comb through my hair after applying it just to spread it evenly and also because I find combing a lot easier with the conditioner in.

Both these products feel and smell amazing. Especially the conditioner but also the shampoo leave the hair nourished, hydrated and glowing. A definite must for the upcoming festive season!


Once or twice a week depending on how much time I’ve got and how damaged my hair is I like to apply a hair mask instead of the conditioner. Most hair masks you need to leave in for quite a long time but the good thing with the Nutrifier Glycerol hair mask is that you only need to leave it in for 3-5 minutes. The hair mask is especially good to protect your hair from breaking, making it easy to comb, hydrating it and reviving it. Oh and have I mentioned yet how delicious all these products smell? 🙂 You won’t need any perfume after you’re through with your hair care routine!


Up until I tried out the Expert Série Nutrifier line from L’Oréal I hadn’t known that such a thing as an Overnight Mask for your hair existed. Now I couldn’t imagine living without one! This overnight mask contains rich glycerine and coco oil which hydrate and regenerate hair so that when you wake up your hair is already smooth and shiny. Another nice little benefit is that you can style your hair more easily with the overnight mask in it. All you need to do is apply a mandarine sized amount to your dry hair every night before going to bed.

If the ends of your hair are really dry a great additional product is the Nutrfier DD Balm. The DD stands for Dryness Defense and the product does exactly that. It repairs split ends and is extremely hydrating. I like to apply a little bit on the ends of my hair after using the overnight mask.

I don’t style my hair with heat that often but when I do I always make sure I’m protecting my hair with a Blowdry Cream. The Nutrifier Blowdry Cream protects the hair up to 230° while also nourishing and hydrating as well. Just spread a small amount evenly on your wet or slightly dried hair and you’re ready to go.

After using all the Expert Série Nutrifier products for a while I can say that my hair is a lot smoother, shinier and healthier. I am amazed at how good they look considering that they’ve gone through quite a lot of bleaching and dyeing lately. If you want to give them a try you can find them at Click & Care.

What are your hair revival tips and tricks?


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  1. adele miner says:

    I definitely need to give these a try, my hair is so dead lately! I am obsessed with you blog, so glad I found it, your hard work is completely paying off! x

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