Presenting Essie’s Treat Love & Color Collection

Essie’s new Treat Love & Color collection doesn’t just have stunning transparent nude colors but also nourishes, repairs and protects the nail. Dry and brittle nails get taken care of with ingredients such as collagen and camellias extract. The best thing about this collection is that it combines color and care in one. Usually when you want to nourish your nails you can’t apply a color on top of the nail care product and if you’re like me you hate not wearing a gorgeous nail polish shade. For those of you who are like me Essie added beautiful transparent pigments to these nail care polishes so that you no longer need to forgo a gorgeous manicure. Now lets take a look at these stunning four colors.03 Sheers To You is a sweet pink shade with nourishing and transparent pigments.02 Tinted Love is a fresh coral and peach shade with strengthening and transparent pigments.06 Good As Nude is a classic nude shade with strengthening and covering pigments.08 Loving Hue is a hot pink shade with strengthening and covering pigments.That’s the four shades. My favourite is definitely Loving Hue but they’re all beautiful classic shades. While you’re taking  care of the nails make sure to always file them properly before with this cute Essie nail file.






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  1. Nicole says:

    Sheers To You looks really pretty. I’ve been into really light, neutral, natural looking polishes lately 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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