Poo-Pourri and other Effective Ways of Ridding Unpleasant Odours

ProductsWe rarely talk about the more unpleasant human scents we omit on a daily basis. These four products however do exactly that. They make us smell more pleasant for ourselves and the world around us.Poo PourriYou might have already seen or heard of this magical product on social media. Poo-Pourri is a product that promises to stop bathroom odour before it begins. Before I dive into a short review here’s one of their videos showing what Poo-Pourri does.

Now that you know that after spraying the product on the surface of the water it traps all odours inside the toilet bowl let’s talk about my experience. I tried the citrus version which definitely has a strong scent to begin with. I personally would get another scent just because I’m not a fan of the citrus fragrance. After completing my business the odour was so much better that I was amazed. The only thing I could criticise is that the essential oils scent is quite strong. Apart from that it is perfect especially for in your handbag when you’re on the go and don’t want everyone smelling what happened in the bathroom.DeoThe unpleasant scent that springs to mind immediately is of course sweat. Especially during these hot days you need a good deodorant to keep you smelling fresh. I Am from Migros has a limited edition Perfume Deo & Body Spray called Blue Sapphire. The fragrance is rather delicious. I however prefer roll-on deodorants as I feel they stay put longer than spray ones. I do like to use a spray as a yummy scented fresh up every now and then. FeetAn area I often forget is my feet. Nothing is as gross as feet that have been sweating and aching in a pair of synthetic ballerinas all day long. With Migros’ Pedic Wellness Foot Butter Raspberry & Peppermint Scent or the more natural I Am Foot Cream with shea butter and peppermint you can treat your feet to a well deserved massage in the evenings. Besides nourishing the skin they will also smell fabulous!


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