Pink Box & Yankee Candle


I just love subscription boxes! So when I recently received a Pink Box in my letterbox you can imagine how hyped I was. 🙂 This Pink Box however isn’t your usual one but the Home Spa Special Edition Pink Box & Annabelle. Besides cooperating with Annabelle Pink Box also worked together with Yankee Candle who where so kind as to send me this Pink Box. open-copy

As with all their boxes they come gorgeously wrapped but this edition also included an Annabelle magazine. Instead of their usual pink design this special edition is a beautiful aqua green nicely adding to the home spa feel of it. But let’s dive right into this amazing box full of goodies.

First up is a Sally Hansen nail polish. I got the shade Mauve Along 374 which is quite a natural colour. As you know I’m more of a crazy nail colour person so I’m probably going to give this one away. For a nice and clean manicure however this is a wonderful shade.

Next we have The Ritual Of Dao Calming Shower Oil by Rituals. As with all Rituals products I’ve tried so far this shower oil smells heavenly and feels so smooth and nourishing! The products turns into foam when in contact with water making it super easy to massage into your skin.products-copy

I dye my hair so often that it’s super important for me to use a good hair oil every day. So naturally I was very happy to find the Moroccanoil Hair Oil in this Pink Box. With its high quality argan oil it’s highly nourishing, protects your hair and makes it shiny and gorgeous.

As I mentioned before Yankee Candle also has a product in this edition. I got the candle Clean Cotton which smells like freshly washed cotton that’s been hung out in the warm sun to dry. This lovely scent is perfect to accompany a long hot bath.

Lastly the box came with the Pomegranate Nail Care Pen from Weleda which is perfect for having in your handbag for on the go when your nails need a quick little kick. The pen is full of nourishing oils so your nails will be back in shape in no time.

Are you also a subscription box fan?


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