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FInal 2I recently got a beautiful book from Weltbild.ch. The book is called Das Grosse Motivtorten Buch by Sandra Schumann. Yesterday I finally got around to baking one of the many fabulous cakes from the book. Let’s take a closer look. 🙂BookHere’s Schumann’s Motivtorten book which is filled to the brim with stunning cakes that range from easy to difficult. It was very hard to pick one to make as they all look so cool. I eventually decided on a chocolate cake called Oink, oink … Pool-Party. InspirationThis is what the pool-party for pigs should look like in the end. The cake’s difficulty is medium and the ingredients and instructions are pretty simple. I hate it when a recipe is full of fancy ingredients I can’t find or have to go to a special store. ProductsI did however get some special tools which are also from Weltbild.ch. Firstly the Tortenplatte Drehbar which you can see in the middle of the photo above. You don’t necessarily need this cake platter but I find it makes it a lot easier when you can spin the cake around quickly while working. ToolsThe other tool I got is the Torten-Dekorierset which again is not a necessity but it does have 32 handy tools for creating your masterpiece. EggFirst of all I made the chocolate cake base which is a pretty simple batter that took me no time at all.Chocolate BarWhile the cake was in the oven I prepared the ganache.
ChocolateAgain this was quite simple and easy. Often when I bake fancy cakes it takes me forever and they end up pretty sad looking and I’m just disappointed. With the rating of the difficulty I find you can avoid that and also the description is very well written so you always know exactly what to do. Melted ChocolateYummy! Does’t that ganache look amazing! 🙂RingWhile the ganache and the cake were cooling down I worked on the marzipan decorations.PawsThis is where all the tools came in handy. I used this little knife like tool to chop off little portions of marzipan for the feet of the pigs.CoffeeWith the same tool I created the lines in the middle of the oval shaped balls to make them look like coffee beans.
BellyThis pointy tool was perfect for making the bellybutton as well as the eyes and nostrils of the pigs.PoolNow that the cake and ganache had finally cooled down I could start putting the cake together. First I covered the cake in a fine layer of ganache and attached the fence. For this part the cake platter which you can turn was super handy. You could always spin the cake to where you needed to work on the fence. After the fence was standing I filled the rest of the ganache into the middle where it formed the pig’s mud pool.
Final 1All that was left to do was place the pigs and life buoys and sprinkle some sparkles over the top. Final 4And that’s it! Personally I thought the cake was pretty easy to make and lots of fun!Final 3Don’t the pigs look so cute?!FInal 2 If you want to try your own hand at some of the fabulous cakes in the cook book or work with the great tools you can find them all at Weltbild.ch.


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