Philips Sonicare AirFloss Review

GripI’m just gonna come out and say it. I hate flossing my teeth. I don’t know about you but the feeling of the floss ripping in to my flesh and that awful squeaky sound… So I gotta admit that I don’t floss as often as I should and every time that I do I downright have to give myself a pep talk beforehand.

A while back I heard of this mystical creature called the Sonicare AirFloss from Philips. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard that with the AirFloss you can floss your teeth without that cringe worthy string. Of course I had to give it a try immediately and today I’m going to share my AirFloss experience with you.
ProductLet’s start with the unboxing. All the AirFloss comes with is the actual device, the charger and the instructions. The first thing I noticed and loved was that besides the usual massive manual there is also a super short guide! The device itself reminds a lot of a slightly larger toothbrush or a giraffe with its long neck and head. 🙂
ReservoirThe instructions are quite simple. After having charged the device you need to fill the little reservoir with either water or mouth wash. In the image above you can see the semi see through flap and reservoir. I really appreciate that one can just use water or mouth wash and doesn’t have to buy a special liquid for the device.

Next you need to click the on / off button at the bottom of the device and you’re all set to go. You simply position the AirFloss head between the teeth and your gum and close your mouth so that the water doesn’t go all over the place. To release a burst you click the button on top of the device (image below). If you hold the button down longer it will go into the automatic function.ButtonHere’s a short video by Philips on the Sonicare AirFloss:

I’ve been using the AirFloss for roughly two weeks. What I love is that it’s so much more comfortable, fun and motivating than classical floss. So far I’ve flossed my teeth every single day as it’s so much quicker and well… not awful! One thing I’m not super pleased with though is that you need to refill the reservoir quite frequently. It only lasts for two uses. The duration of the battery however is very good as it lasts for up to two weeks (14 uses). As I mentioned above I also really like that I don’t have to buy an extra product to fill the device with.
HeadOne concern I had prior to testing the AirFloss was that it wouldn’t be as effective as normal floss. To me it feels very thorough given that I am positioning the device properly. Of course I can’t give a dentist’s opinion on whether it cleans as well as normal floss or not. The other day I was at my dentist’s and I asked her what she thought of the device. Her opinion was that it’s generally a good product but she advised me to use a manual floss once every other week just incase there were certain areas that the AirFloss missed.
GripI must say though that as I would normally only floss once a week anyways I find that this device is definitely worth it as it motivates me to floss on a daily basis. So even if it weren’t quite as effective, which we don’t know for sure, it’s definitely way better than not flossing at all! For all of you out there who find manual flossing as tedious as I do I can only recommend this dental lifesaver.

Would you also agree that flossing is totally annoying?


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