Philips ProCare Airstyler Review

In my post New Hair Once Again I tried out the Dafni straightening brush and was very impressed. In the spirit of finding the perfect hair straightening tool I’m going to test and review the Philips ProCare Airstyler today. The Philips Airstyler isn’t just a hair straightening brush but a 5 in 1 product which is perfect for creating all different hair styles and volumes. Besides styling the hair it is also supposed to make the hair shinier and get rid of any static. Philips also promises that by using this styler you’ll damage your hair less because it overheats less and the heat is distributed more evenly. So let’s take a closer look at the 5 in 1 features and whether it really does as it promises.Here you see the handle where you can attach the different brush heads such as the paddle brush which I’ve attached here. The 1000W hair drier creates an airflow which is perfect for drying and styling the hair. The ionising function of the device enables the hair to dry without any static. That is also why the hair should look shinier after using the styler. The airstyler also comes with a cold air function which dries the hair without damaging it as much. It’s especially good for fine, dry or damaged hair. Above you see the five different attachments. On the far left the paddle brush for straightening the hair, in the center the attachment for easy curls, below the narrow attachment for precise blowdrying, in the top right corner the thermo brush for straight locks and slight waves and lastly at the very top the volume brush for creating volume in certain parts of the hairdo.
My two favourites for my hair are the thermo brush and the paddle brush. Both work really well with my short hair. With the paddle brush I like to dry most of the hair and get it nice and straight. I do however like a couple of waves and curls to add some volume and bounce to the look. For that the thermo brush is ideal as I can create some subtle but cute curls easily.Personally I love that you can dry your hair with it as well as style it properly. I was however shocked at first that it was a blow drier as I hadn’t expected it to be. It definitely gives the hair a glossy finish and reduces the frizz I struggle with. It does however not completely straighten the hair as a straightening iron would. My suggestion would be to use the airstyler to roughly straighten the hair while drying it and then to go over it one last time with a straightening iron to give it the finishing touch. I find that using the styler first saves me a lot of time especially as I have quite a lot of hair. In conclusion I’ve gotta say that the Philips Airstyler is a great device for making your morning routine a tad faster and a lot better for your hair as it isn’t as straining. Also I love that it has five different functions in one device. Definitely worth giving a try!

If you’re wondering where I got that fabulous ring covered in Swarovski elements it’s from Phantasya. Also the brows were done by the amazing Lash Bar in Zurich. If you want to learn more about their Brow Wow Perfection Design treatment check out my post about it here.