November Sunday Wellness Ritual with

If you’ve been or even just looked outside recently there’s a high likelihood that you’ve felt the gloomy depressing November atmosphere we’ve been experiencing for a whole week now. I literally haven’t seen a single ray of sunlight in a week! I don’t know about you but it makes me feel very tired and unmotivated. That’s why today I’ve decided to have a relaxing Sunday dedicated to reenergising myself. I’ve found some great products which will make the experience so much more calming in the online shop Besides having a huge collection of wellness related products they also have many amazing beauty related products so be sure to go check them out.A November wellness Sunday has to start with a steamy hot bath which will warm you all the way. I love spicing up my baths with a deliciously scented bubble bath such as the Dermacol Aroma Ritual Delicious Bath Foam with Irish Coffee scent or the Frais Monde Bath Foam with Cherry Blossoms scent. My personal favourite is the Irish Coffee scented bath foam because it smells so heavenly. The creamy foam hydrates the skin and relaxes the muscles whereas the coffee aroma revitalises you giving you that extra kick you so desperately need in November. The Frais Monde Bath Foam smells amazing too and reminds me of a luxurious perfume fragrance which will evoke sweet spring images.An unfortunate side effect of the cold and dry air in winter is that my face tends to break out more. For that reason I like to switch my weekly face masks to more hydrating options which additionally conquer acne like the Dermacol Acne Clear Mask. The Acne Clear Face Mask is very easy to use. Just apply it all over the face and let it work its magic for 15 minutes once a week. I like to apply it before I hop into the bathtub so that I can easily rinse it off in the tub. This face mask is especially designed for oily, mixed and problematic skin which tends to get acne. The cooling mask contains clay and plant extracts which calm redness and reduce pores. I especially love the cool and refreshing effect of the mask. Also don’t I look a little like the owl with this face mask on? 😉Yay, finally I can show you my two new favourite products! 🙂 I would have never guessed what these two cute little animals contain. The bunny is a 2K Cherry Lip Balm and the owl a 2K Coconut Hand Cream! I doubt I need to mention how important it is to hydrate your hands during these cold winter days. The 2K hand cream doesn’t just look totally cute but also smells and feels great. It’s very buttery and sinks in quickly. Personally I think it’s also a perfect present idea especially if you’re trying to fill an advent calendar full of fun little gifts for a loved one. As with the owl hand cream this lip balm is a perfect gift but also great for yourself to keep your lips protected from drying out. The cherry scent is very sweet and yummy. It definitely makes your lips feel super smooth, nourished and hydrated all day long.Now that you’re thoroughly relaxed and your skin has been taken care of it is time to add a little perfume to finish off the experience. Also from Frais Monde the perfume oil Spa Fruit Cream Of Peach and White Musk is absolutely ideal for this season where we desperately need a comforting warm scent to accompany us throughout the day. You can apply a few drops to your wrists and behind your ears. The scent itself is very rich, luxurious and reminds me of a warm summer day.
All these great wellness products can be purchased at along with many other fabulous beauty products.

How do you like to relax and reenergise in this cold and gloomy weather?




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