Nivea Happy Moments 2016

Nivea Happy Moments

Hi my lovelies! Yeay, finally there’s snow. I had already given up any hope of seeing a winter wonderland  in my back yard. Have you got any snow at the moment where you live? Tell me in the comments section below. 🙂 Although the romantic snow white scenery is absolutely breathtaking there is one drawback to the arctic temperatures. The skin gets really dry due to the lack of humidity. To take proper care of your skin during these straining temperatures I’m going to show you this beautiful Happy Moments tin full of skin care products that I got from Nivea. For those of you who love sweets as much as I do the tin can be reused for storing your stash of cookies. 🙂

creme care

First up we have the Creme Care Cremedusche which is hydrating and has that delicious Nivea scent of their classic combination of various precious oils so your skin stays hydrated the whole day long even during these cold months. What I really like about Nivea’s products is that they smell good but aren’t overpowering so that they don’t clash with whatever perfume I’m wearing.




Nutrition intense

Next up is the Care Crème Visage et Corps Nutrition Intense which I always carry with me when I go on trips and don’t have lots of space for hundreds of different bottles and tubes because this creme combines face care as well as body lotion. One of my absolute must haves for short trips where I don’t feel like lugging around half my bathroom cupboard.



If you tend to get really dry and flaky skin on your face as I do the Nivea Peeling is a good option. It works with Hydra IQ which keeps the skin moisturised and contains vitamin E. My skin always feels super soft and smooth after a peeling and also helps keep those pesky pimples at bay. 🙂 Tagescreme

In addition to the peeling I make sure to always apply a day creme afterwards. Nivea’s Day Creme which also works with Hydra IQ and vitamin E complements the peeling beautifully. It also protects the skin from the sun rays with a UVA filter and SPF 15 so that the skin doesn’t age prematurely.




Lastly there’s the Anti-Age Handcreme. Personally I am a total handcreme addict and always carry one with me and keep them scattered all over the place so that I always have one handy. (pun intended! 🙂 ) As I am only 18 I don’t go for the anti-aging option, but in general I find it very important to make sure that the hands don’t dry out. Especially as I find they are under constant strain from washing your hands or the dishes!





Please let me know below what your favourite winter skin care products are.


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