My New Skin Care Essentials

ProductsMy skin has been crazy lately. I’m not quite sure why. It could be because I’ve been swimming a lot which puts a strain on my skin or because I’ve radically changed my diet which might take my body some getting used to. Whatever the cause in the meantime I’m just going to have to take extra good care of it. For this I’ve put together some products I’ve been using in the last couple of weeks.IrohaI am a professed face mask lover and here are some of my new favourites. Iroha a brand I hadn’t heard of before has two great face masks. Firstly the Anti-Blemish Detox Mask which helps to detoxify and purify with its black tissue technology. Secondly the Charcoal Blackheads Detox Cleansing Strips which you apply to your nose to cleanse those pesky pores. As we’re already talking about the charcoal trend here’s a new product from Zoé that incorporates charcoal as well. It’s the Zoé Cleansing Activated Charcoal Mask. On the one hand it cleanses the skin but it also prevents it from drying out. I’ve gotta say out of the three my favourite is the Iroha Anti-Blemish mask simply because it’s a sheet mask which I find easier to handle. The Zoé Mask however I find more effective and my skin feels so amazing after using it!EosOn to my favourite lip balm brand ever! Of course I’m talking about eos. I don’t just adore their cute eggs because they’re so colourful and beautiful but also since the product is actually really good. In these images you can see the eos x Marina Hoermanseder limited edition collection. Marina Hoermanseder is a famous Austrian fashion designer who created these two stunning lip balms for eos. Eos LimitedAs with all eos products the ingredients are natural and of high quality. The signature smoothness the eos eggs give your lips comes from shea butter. It goes without saying that these two pink and purple beauties smell divine too. The scents are organic passion fruit and visibly soft honey apple. Organic passion fruit is 100% natural and is certified organic. AdermaBi-Oil – the secret weapon of women. I’ve been using Bi-Oil for years as it’s amazing at smoothing scars, stretch marks and dry skin. Besides being highly effective in smoothing things over it also leaves your skin feeling amazing and smelling heavenly. Also if you’re struggling with dry skin I’d recommend giving A-Derma’s Hand Cream and Lip Stick a try. The Hand Cream is very intense and especially good for when your skin is super dry and chapped. The same goes for the lip balm. TalLastly here are two anti-ageing products. One says that one can always tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands. To counter the traces of age on your hand’s you can use Tal’s Hand Mask. This product is made with a Swiss formula that contains grapeseed-oil, an anti-age complex and vitamin C. This formula hydrates your hands and stimulates the cell’s regeneration. Tal also sells an Anti-Age Serum which you can apply to correct dark spots.

What do you do to soothe your skin?


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