New Hair Once Again

Oops I did it again – I played with my hair, got lost in the game! Ok enough with the song reference. 🙂 As you can tell I died my hair again. This time a pastel pink tone which I will get into in my next post. Today I want to talk about a few new amazing hair products to protect your precious hair from everything we put it through. All the products I will show you are available on Click and Care. As it is summer and I’m sure you’ve been doing some travelling I want to show you these practical minis from Goldwell and from label.m. I don’t know about you but I am rarely satisfied with the shampoo and conditioner offered in hotels so I like to bring my own. Goldwell has a great line for summer called Sun Reflects which protects and regenerates your hair from sun exposure. My favourite mini from label.m has got to be the Shine Mist as it gives my hair that glossy finish whilst also controlling any static.Neon! That’s the name of Paul Mitchell’s new hair care line. Instead of me going into each product why don’t you just check out this cool video.
Neon is a young and fresh line of deliciously scented products that make styling super easy and fun. They are based on natural sugar and one of my favourite aspects is that they are vegan!I got to try out the following four products:
Sugar Cleanse – Wash + Prep Shampoo, Sugar Rinse – Detangle + Hydrate Conditioner, Sugar Twist – Piecey + Beachy Tousle Cream, Sugar Spray Texture + Body Texture Spray
All four smell so sweet and delicious that you just want to eat them all up. My favourite is the Sugar Spray as it hydrates the hair as well as giving it shine and that sexy out of bed look. I think I’ll have to get the other two products from the line as well which are the Sugar Cream – Sleek + Sculpted Smoothing Cream and the Sugar Confection Hold + Control Working Spray because I just love the quality and scent of these Paul Mitchell beauties. Lastly I finally got to try out a straightening brush! I’ve been on the look out for one for ages now as I just am not a huge fan of straightening irons. Now I got to give the Dafni Straightening Brush a go and I absolutely love it.Prior to using the Dafni Brush I had many concerns. The main one being that the bristles would burn me or that it would take for ever to get the results I was hoping for. The brush however does not disappoint. The first thing I was amazed at was how quickly it was all heated up and ready to go. Secondly as long as you are a little careful it won’t burn you. The only tricky area I found was around the ears. Lastly it takes no time at all. Within a couple of minutes my hair was straight and beautifully shiny. This brush definitely does everything it says it will and more!If you’re wondering where I got the cute donut necklace and earrings they are from Phantasya.






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