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Today I decided on creating a natural summer makeup look that you can easily wear to the beach on a hot summer day without melting. I also like this look for work or when you’re travelling because it neither requires a lot of time nor many products. For the look I used products from Max Factor, Smashbox (which I got from Marionnaud), Laura Mercier and Lavera.

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I started off with the Natural Mousse Make-Up in Honey 03 by Lavera. First I’d like to state that all Lavera products I used for this look carry the label Bio Organic and the Natural Mousse Make-Up is also Vegan. This Make-Up has a light, creamy and mousse-like texture which melts effortlessly on the skin. I like that it looks very natural and not cakey.  The Mousse contains organic sunflower oil and organic shea butter which means it’s very nourishing and not drying at all. As always I simply applied the Make-Up with my Beauty Blender.

My makeup essential for Summer 2016 would definitely be a great blush to get those gorgeous rosy cheeks. So today I tried two blushes by Smashbox which I got from Marrionnaud. The first product is called L.A. Lights Blush & Highlight Palette in Malibu Berry and the second is the L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Colour in Laurel Canyon Coral. The Blush & Highlight Palette contains one highlight to emphasise the cheekbones, two blush shades and a guide on how to apply the highlight and blush. The blush and highlighter can be applied easily and the powder isn’t chalky at all. I also like that the colour looks quite natural because otherwise I usually end up looking like a clown. 😉 I am predestined to be a fan of the Blendable Lip & Cheek Colour because I love anything that’s two in one. But besides it being super handy I also like the creamy smoothness of the stick and that you can blend it easily with the little sponge on the back. For this look I decided on going with the Rich Berry shade and mixed it with the Blendable Lip & Cheek Colour for a subtle rosy look.

Next up is Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator in the shade Addiction. Unfortunately I can’t link it yet because it isn’t out until June 2016 but then it will be in their range permanently. Wow, this Illuminator blew me away! Everything from the packaging, the way they formed the powder down to the actual product is stunning. The light reflecting pigments give your cheekbones, eyes and décolleté a multidimensional finish and natural glow. Besides looking and feeling fantastic the highlighter lasted really long too. Today I applied it to my cheekbones and below the arch of my eyebrows.

For my eyes I started with the Dramatic Eye Cream in Soul Plum by Lavera. First I had a little bit of an embarrassing problem… I couldn’t open it. 🙂 After a few sweaty minutes I finally got it open and it was definitely worth it. This eye cream is so easy to apply and looks great immediately without having to brush and blend forever. I actually only used this one eye colour for the whole look (except for the highlighter). All I did was apply more in some areas and less in others to create either an intensive metallic brilliance or just a delicate shimmer. The only downside was that the product did crease after a while so next time I might need to brush some powder over it to lock it in place.

For my eyelashes I used the Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara. This Mascara has a great brush which helps lifting the lashes up and also makes sure to cover all lashes even the short ones with its new brush shape. Personally I usually go for finer mascara applicators so I was very interested in trying this one and I was astounded by how well it worked. I’m always afraid that it is difficult not to smear mascara all over the place with big brushes but it went fine and I really like at how much more volume the mascara gives without clumping the lashes together. I think it also really lifts the lashes up and opens the eyes making them look more awake.

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Lastly I tried two lip products from Lavera. The Glossy Lips in Powerful Pink and Beautiful Lips Colour Intense in the shade Purple Star. Glossy Lips is a gentle lipgloss which contains organic rose, mallow and lime blossom which leave the lips soft, with a fantastic wet look effect and a classy finish.The opaque Colour Intense Lipstick is a classic lipstick which is also full of great organic ingredients making it hydrating, creamy and light. Personally I would wear the gloss for a day look and Purple Star in the evening because of its high pigmentation. Below I’ve swatched both lip products for you and for more swatches you can visit my Lipstick Collections page.
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What are your favourite Summer makeup products?


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