Natural Alternative Cosmetics Comparison


Have you ever wondered, as I have, what chemicals you are putting onto your body? I find it so difficult to find my way through the jungle of chemicals that are in cosmetics and never understand whether the product is harming me or benefitting my body. I began to research and would like to dedicate this post to showcasing some natural alternatives that don’t necessarily have to be super pricey.

I took a look at the inexpensive “I Am Natural Cosmetics” line from Migros, the semi pricey Rausch products and the very natural but a bit more expensive JV Cosmetics deodorants.

I compared the brands according to the following criteria.
The terms that are a bit uncommon I list and explain here:


Conservatives in cosmetic products
Some people are allergic
Might be linked to an increased reaction to the sun resulting in skin aging and DNA damage


Used in soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes and mouth washes
Higher risk of food allergies
Environmentally unfriendly, because of its toxicity to aquatic bacteria and algae


In hair conditioners, shampoos and hair gels
Provides softness, less frizz, shine and glossiness
Environmentally unfriendly, since they can accumulate in aquatic organisms

Synthetic dye

Used to color the product
Many people are allergic to dyes


Prevent decomposition by microbial growth or chemical changes
Many people are allergic to chemical preservatives

I Am Natural (Migros) Rausch JV Cosmetics
No Paraben No Yes Yes
No Triclosan No No Yes
No Silicone No Yes Yes
No Synthetic Dyes Yes Yes Yes
No Synthetic Preservatives Yes No Yes
No Synthetic Fragrances Yes Yes Yes
No Animal Testing Yes Yes Yes
Vegan Yes Yes (except 2) Yes
Biological Yes No No
Plant Extracts Yes Yes Yes
Dermatologically tested No Yes Yes
NatTrue Label Yes No No

As you can see in the table above all three companies score in most categories and therefore pass in my view as a more natural alternative. What astounded me especially was, that I Am Natural by Migros also did very well even though they are totally affordable. There does still seem to be a strong prejudice that if it’s more natural and better for the environment the product automatically has to be a lot more expensive, which is definitely not true anymore.

Here you can see the various products that I tried from the three companies, their prices and a link to their websites.

I am natural cosmetics Rausch JV cosmetics
Repair & shine Conditioner Beauty Balm Crème Soufflé Avocado Farbschutz-Spülung Avocado Farbschutz-Spray Bromex foamer Ahc sensitive Dry balance Nutric re-active lotion
Price CHF 4.20 12.80 11.50 13.90 13.90 34.50 Ab 24.50 13.50 12.00
www I Am Rausch    JV cosmetics

As I mentioned above I was positively surprised by the I Am Natural Cosmetics line which seems to pretty much cover most of my cosmetic needs. The Conditioner worked very well and gave my hair a nice shine and silky touch. I am a huge fan of BB creams so naturally I fell in love with their Beauty Balm, which doesn’t only make my skin glow nicely but also gives me a good conscience. Crème Soufflé – I just love saying that product name! It sounds so chic. 🙂 Not only the name is exquisite, also the contents made me feel très belle.

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My hair color, unfortunately, isn’t natural as you may have guessed 😉 which means I am always on the lookout for good hair products that protect and prolong the durability of the color. The Rausch Avocado Color Protecting Conditioner and the Avocado Color Protecting Spray immediately caught my attention as I am a firm believer in the powers of avocados. Another huge plus is how delicious and natural the products smell.


Over and over again I have read or heard that one shouldn’t use too much deodorant because the chemicals are harmful. I always wondered about it and asked myself what an alternative could be… because emanating my personal scent was definitely not an option! Suddenly I came across this brand called JV cosmetics which promises a natural alternative. As you could see they did very well in my comparison in regards to the ingredients but they also work really well. I was thoroughly astounded that something chemical free could deliver such positive results.


In conclusion I would recommend all three brands if you want to try something more natural.
Tell me in the comments below what alternative cosmetics you know and how they work for you.

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