My Coconut Island

After yesterdays humongous post I’m gonna keep it short and crisp today. I’ve been posting a lot about my hair recently and there were two more products by Guhl that I wanted to show you as well as the delicious bath and shower gel by treaclemoon with its fabulous name My Coconut Island. I’d heard a lot about treaclemoon and how crazy delicious their products smell but I’d never tried them myself until now. I honestly can’t begin to describe how fabulous the bath and shower gel and the hand & nail balm smell! It’s a super strong coconut scent which smells very natural and yummy. Besides having created a cool product treaclemoon also makes sure all the ingredients are vegan and ecological. Delicious and exemplary! The reason I haven’t talked about the Guhl Blond Shampoo and Conditioner in earlier posts about my hair transformation is because I have bleached my hair a white blonde and thus need to use silver shampoo which makes sure the hair doesn’t go yellowish. The products I would need are from Guhl’s Silver line. So unfortunately I couldn’t test these two hair products but I do regularly use other Guhl products and always love them so I’m sure these two would be a good try if you have more golden blonde hair.