Microsoft Lumia 950 Review

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Is the weather going crazy where you live as well? We definitely have what we call “April weather” here in Switzerland! Since it’s snowing one minute and the next the sun is back out I decided to stay indoors today and let the weather wreak havoc outside. What better time then to try out Microsoft‘s new Lumia 950 phone?

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I’d like to start off with some general information about the Lumia 950 phone.

What’s in the box: Microsoft Lumia 950, Product user guide, Battery, Charger, USB-C cable
Colors: Black or White
Design: Exchangeable back cover
Operating System: Windows 10
Display Size: 5.2” or XL 5.7”
Size: Length: 145 mm Width: 73.2 mm Thickness: 8.2 mm Weight: 150 g
Mass memory: 32 GB
Maximum memory card size: 200 GB
Main camera: 20.0 MP
Main camera video resolution: 4K (Ultra HD, 3840 x 2160)
Camera video frame rate: 30 fps

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The first thing I and probably most others notice about a phone is the design. The Lumia 950 comes in matte black or matte white and you can replace the back cover. It’s fairly light with its 150 g, fits snuggly into your hand and can be managed one-handed easily. The feel of the phone, especially the back cover is really nice too.

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After having used the phone for a few days I’ve put together some pros and cons.

The first thing I noticed was that the Lumia 950 has a great screen size in comparison to the size of the whole phone. The iPhone 6 and the Lumia 950 are roughly the same size but whereas the iPhone has a screen size 4.7″ the Lumia has a whopping 5.2″! This big difference is made possible through removing an external home button. What’s also really well done is that the phone for a long time shows the time and date on the screen without you having to wake it up.

What I am not such a fan of though is that the back of the phone as well as the screen get rather warm quite quickly which doesn’t feel so great when your phoning someone and have it at your ear for a while. Another down side to any Microsoft phone is that their store doesn’t have tons of apps so make sure that your favourite apps are available. The last con on my list is that the sound quality isn’t amazing.

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Lastly I want to talk about Lumia 950’s best feature in my view which is their absolutely stunning camera. Whether it is at an event or for daily pictures for on social media as a blogger and YouTuber I constantly have to be able to take great photos. The Lumia camera has such an amazing resolution that you can see a clear difference between the photo below on the left that I took with my iPhone 6 and the image on the right which was captured with the Lumia 950 camera. As you can see the resolution with the same lighting and distance is a lot better and the colour is much more vibrant. I think you can best see the difference by looking at the perfume bottle, the flower and the colour of the wall. Also the resolution when viewing the image or watching a movie on the screen is flawless. It’s clear as glass and absolutely pristine. The camera is also equipped with a triple LED flash and a camera button.

IPhone vs Lumia

All in all I think that Microsoft‘s Lumia 950 is great if you are looking for a very powerful, high resolution phone with an exceptional camera. I do hope though that Microsoft makes more Apps available in their store in the near future, but apart from that it is definitely more than able to keep up with other similar smartphones.

What phone do you have?

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