Michael Kors’ Two New Perfumes

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For once I am not only going to talk about beauty products for women but also for men.
Michael Kors has just launched two new divine fragrances called Sexy Sunset and Extreme Blue. Recently I have written a few posts about fragrances and am excited to talk about my newest findings.
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For all you ladies there is the new limited Sexy Sunset Eau de Parfum which is inspired by a fiery sunset and  exudes warm, seductive confidence. The precious perfume starts out with a gust of nashi pear, lotus petals, blackcurrant and freesia. The heart note is composed of a delicious fusion of lush peony, gardenia, rose buds, magnolia and jasmine which is one of my favourite scents. The base note is a sensual combination of sandal wood, helvetolide, cedar wood and vanilla which give the scent a subtle grounding.

The packaging consists of an unpretentious rectangle glass bottle and a golden lid. The perfume itself is an exotic pink which is mirrored in the sunset colours of the cardboard box.

Since January 2016 Michael Kors’ Sexy Sunset has been available in selected stores and will be only around for a limited amount of time. So don’t wait too long if you want to give it a try.
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The new Michael Kors fragrance for men is called Extreme Blue Eau de Toilette and is aimed at the urban and masculine man who knows no borders. The modern and dynamic composition begins with spicy, energetic and fresh bergamot, angelica seeds, pink pepper and invigorating and cool cardamon. Junipers, cypress, sesame and sage form the creamy heart note. Tantalising ambroxide which gives the scent its sleekness, smooth kashmir wood, caressing musk and patchouli round off the rich Extreme Blue Michael Kors scent.

A heavy and clear glass bottle with an elegant silver lid surrounds the steel blue fragrance. You can also get the matching after-shave balm and hair & body wash to complete the Extreme Blue collection which is available in stores from mid March 2016.

What do you think about the new Michael Kors perfumes?


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  1. I have always had a bottle of Michael in my wardrobe since it first came out. It is an old love of mine and was my signature perfume for many years. ELEGANT and distinctive composition. I will love it forever!! True love.

  2. Perfume culture says:

    Great share..
    Chanel Chance is the best perfume I came across. I have been using this scent for years, and it never gets old. Classic, spicy and just plain amazing. Its a delicate soothing smell that will turn heads everywhere you go.

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