Michael Kors Sexy Ruby

As soon as I opened the parcel a heavenly scent wafted out and I immediately new that the box had to contain a new fragrance. I was not mistaken. It was the new Michael Kors Sexy Ruby fragrance for women. Before I describe the divine scent to you I’d like to show you the packaging of the Sexy Ruby perfume and the limited edition Lip Lacquer Ruby Red which matches perfectly to the new scent. Both boxes have been designed in a hot ruby red and reflecting a ruby’s many facets. The design of the lipstick itself is very simple yet super luxurious and stylish. The flacon in which the perfume is contained is designed in the shape of a perfectly cut red ruby. To finish off the fabulous bottle Michael Kors has set the classic MK lid on top of the vial. With this stunning look it’s the perfect Christmas present for any sexy and confident woman. The Sexy Ruby fragrance is a modern chypre creation which is delightfully sensual and sexy. The perfume starts off by developing sweet raspberry and apricot. To strengthen the scent rose petals combine themselves with the apricot creating the illusion of sensual heat. The scent is rounded off with exotic Indian sambac jasmine and cashmere wood. Absolutely breathtaking!Any woman who wears such a sexy and daring scent needs the matching ruby red lipstick to go with it. This perfectly opaque lipstick has a brilliant shine to it as an homage to the luxurious jewel it represents. If you like combining perfume with the matching shower gel and body lotion as I like to do then Michael Kors has you covered. They have created the Sexy Shower Oil and the Silky Body Lotion to go with the Sexy Ruby perfume.





P.S. The perfectly matching jewellery set is from The Sparkle and my super sexy lashes are thanks to the Lash Bar in Zurich.


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