Massive L’Oréal & Maybelline Beauty Haul

This will be a long post as it is so without further introduction here is my huge L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline New York beauty haul. As promised in the last few posts I will now show you my pink hair and how I dyed it. Unfortunately the color didn’t last long as I went to a waterpark the next day which washed it all out. While the color lasted though I loved it! The hair dye I used is the L’Oréal Colovista Washout in the shade pink. You can use it on blonde, ombré or highlighted hair and the result should last for 2-3 shampoos or one day in a water park. 🙂 The Colovista line contains lots of other amazing shades which I will be trying out during the next few weeks. This next product is pretty amazing. It’s the L’Oréal Magic Mani pen. What it basically is is a nail polish pen which is super easy to apply and take with you in case you need to retouch on the go. All you need to do is press at the bottom and wait till the polish comes out the felt tip and then apply it to the nail. It’s simple, fast and very handy. The shades above are White 101 and Berry 403.If you prefer a classic nail polish then give these two stunning and bright summer shades a try. They are from left to right the shades Coral Trianon 442 and Je T’Aimer 227 from the L’Oréal Color Riche Le Vernis À L’Huile line.Now let’s talk about makeup! Hang tight because we’ve got plenty to dig through. Let’s start with some basics. On the far left you see the L’Oréal Brow Artist Xpert brow pencil in the shade 05 Brunette. This waterproof pencil has a special shaped tip which makes filling in your brows easy and natural looking. Glam Beige in the center is a Healthy Glow Foundation in the shade light with SPF 20. I’m glad it contains SPF as it is so important to always protect your skin. Also the glow it gives your complexion is just breathtaking. Lastly one of my all-time liquid eyeliners is the Maybelline Master Ink Matte. The tip is highly precise and I rarely muck up my look when I’m drawing the eyeliner with the Master Ink. Ok, I admit my first thought on this product was how on earth does eye paint work. Above you can see on the far left the Eye Primer by L’Oréal as well as the Eye Paints in the shades Sunset Goals 307, Sassy Squad 207 and Peach Me Babe 305. The Eye Primer as the name says creates an ideal surface to apply the paints on. When I applied the first I was still sceptical as they are pretty liquid but when they dried and I found out how to properly blend them I was quite impressed. It’s much easier to blend the colours than with powder but you do need to get used to the different consistency. Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll is the name of the two mascaras on the left from L’Oréal. One is a classic black but the other is an electrifying Teal Blue shade which I’m wearing in the makeup look. I just can’t believe how much the color pops. The other two black ones are from Maybelline and are named the Colossal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara and the Push Up Angel The Falsies Waterproof Mascara. For those rosy cheeks these two L’Oréal and Maybelline pallets are the way to go. Maybelline’s Master Blush Color & Highlighting Kit contains one shimmering highlighter and three hot blush shades. My favourite has got to be that deep berry shade on the very end. L’Oréal’s Infallible Blush Paint Pinks Palette has five shades ranging from a more nude tone over hot pink right up to a brunt orange shade. I recently posted about the new L’Oréal and Maybelline Lippies but forgot to include the Color Riche La Palette Matte in Bold by L’Oréal! The palette contains six matte colors ranging from dark berry to summery pinks and oranges. My fave once again is the dark berry which you also see me wearing in the image below.Lastly you see me wearing these perfectly matching rose gold and swarovski jewellery pieces by Phantasya.