Maria Galland Soin Thalasso Treatment

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being treated to the Soin Thalasso Visage Facial from Maria Galland. What I love about all Maria Galland facials is that they don’t use steam or oily products. The treatments are very refreshing, light, super relaxing and you can see the effects appear for days after the actual facial.The Soin Thalasso facial is a powerful treatment from the ocean. Essentially what the facial is comprised of is a special active ingredient ampoule which is specifically designed for your skin which is applied to your cleaned skin and that gets covered in the cooling Thalasso mask for optimal effectiveness. The algae mask cleanses the skin and hydrates it intensely. The micro algae stimulate the metabolism and repair stressed skin.Because I had very dry skin on my hands due to the cold and dry winter air I additionally asked for a hand mask. After peeling my hands they were placed in these cocoons of coconut Foam Mask. It felt very funny but was highly effective and my skin was as good as new after the treatment.The facial itself was very relaxing – perfect for these stressful and cold November days. I also like to get a facial whenever the season changes because I find my skin tends to get more irritated when the weather suddenly changes. After the Soin Thalasso treatment my skin was refreshed and I was deeply relaxed. The skin feels smoother and more hydrated now. Even a couple of days after the treatment I could still see the positive results appearing. If you’d also like to try one of the many amazing Maria Galland treatments you can check them out hereThey were so kind to give me a little goodie bag to take home and I quickly want to show you the different products.
One of the products used during the treatment was the 66 Gentle Exfoliator which is a peeling that works with enzymes which is especially good for people who have very delicate skin as I do. Once you apply the wax peeling the texture will go soft thanks to your skin’s warmth which makes it easy to massage into the skin. The enzymes get rid of any dead skin cells. You can use this product one to four times per week leaving it on the skin for two to three minutes before rinsing with water. Another product applied during the treatment are the Essences. There are currently seven different Essences available each providing a different benefit. Simply decide which needs your skin currently has and choose the right ones for you. Then apply the different products in the different skin areas where they are required. The ones I’m currently using are 001 Caviar which supports cell renewal and lifts the skin, 003 Malachite which helps with my delicate and reddened skin in winter, 005 Argent which helps free my complexion of any unwanted blemishes and lastly 008 Diamant which was a limited edition that contained diamond dust which was supposed to help lift and hydrate the skin further. My all-time favourite that I use on a daily basis is 005 Argent which I find does an amazing job at removing blemishes gently.Maria Galland has created a wonder cream which is called 5B Super Rejuvenating Cream. This cream rich with hazelnut oil, camomile extract, horse chestnut extract and a vitamin complex has an amazing reconstructive and anti ageing effect. I like to use it in winter to make the skin more elastic and feel hydrated. My skin tends to go a little red and rather dry which I can get rid of overnight with this great Maria Galland beauty. All you need to do is apply it to your clean skin at night.Lastly here are two great products for your everyday makeup. The 22J Cell Protecting Primer with SPF 20 is perfect for preparing your skin for makeup each morning. The SPF is more important than ever in winter although we often like to forget it. The primer doesn’t just protect against UV rays however but also against environmental impacts and premature ageing. The primer achieves this with its Vitamin C and anti ageing peptides. Just apply it after cleansing your skin and after applying your day cream.
For the days you just want a very light makeup I’d suggest the 99 Glow-Perfecting Moisturiser also with SPF 25. It gives your skin a beautiful, natural and smooth glow.

How do you take extra good care of your skin in winter?






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