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MaskI hope I haven’t shocked you with my mummy style look!

Let me explain how it happened. 🙂RoomA few weeks ago I was invited by Maria Galland to try out one of their signature facials. In the image above you can see the room in which I got pampered for two hours. Mask PaketThe facial I chose to try out was one in which they apply one of those crazy cool masks that you saw in the first picture. The one I tried is the 3C Modelling Complex Clearness Enhancer. I can’t remember every step of the facial as I fell asleep a couple of times because I was so relaxed. What I can tell you though is how the mask felt. At first it was quite heavy and slightly constricting but very quickly it started warming up naturally which felt absolutely amazing. The warmth was so comforting that it put me right to sleep. MaskAfter having a lovely little nap and after the mask had been removed I felt utterly refreshed. When I looked into the mirror a few minutes later my feeling was confirmed. My skin looked super refreshed, hydrated, nourished and smooth. My makeup had never gone on so easily. I can only recommend giving a Maria Galland facial a try! There is a facial for every skin type and situation. Go check them out hereProductsHowever a facial will only take you so far and that’s why it is vital to treat your skin with good products every single day. 22 Creamy Soft Mask is one of Maria Galland’s most famous products and after trying it I quickly figured out why it’s so popular. With its creamy and smooth texture and its refreshing strawberry scent the mask is the perfect cleanser for in the morning. It removes impurities and restores the complexion. What I love most is that you only need to apply it for four minutes each morning before washing it off. It really gives you that wakeup kick you need in the early hours of the day.
EssenceNow that the skin is cleansed and refreshed it’s time to apply some essences. Each essence focuses on a different problem. I got 005 Argent which makes your skin appear smoother and 009 Pivoine which makes your skin beautifully radiant. Simply apply the essences in the desired areas before you put on your moisturiser.
SerumThe product 301 Perfecting Pore Refiner makes, as the name already says, your pores vanish. It also helps with excessively oily skin and shine which often leads to breakouts. It’s the perfect matting base for your look.96aAfter the serum never forget to apply a moisturiser such as the 96A Intensive Hydra Cream Plus. The texture of the cream is very smooth and it makes your skin feel nourished and hydrated immediately. EyesAn area that people often forget is around the eyes. As the skin here is very sensitive it needs a different kind of care. For this Maria Galland has created the 100 Hydra Lift Eye Cream which is a light gel cream. It contains a plant stem cell extract that protects the skin’s natural stem cells. The gel also helps reduce dark shadows and puffiness. BlueLastly I got to try out the D-300 Soothing Cleansing Mask. This one takes a little longer than number 2 as you need to leave it on for around 15 minutes. It’s perfect though for my weekly pamper Sunday. Also don’t forget to take care of your hands with the 24 Anti-Ageing Balm Hands And Nails .

Have you ever tried a Maria Galland Facial?


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