Manicure Time with Rubis and Alessandro

ProductsI’m currently lying on a beach chair by the pool enjoying the 35° C and an ice cold drink. What better time than to talk about wellness. A big part of wellness for me are manicures and pedicures. So let’s take a look at some hot summer wellness products to get those gorgeous pool-side nails. Letter OpenerBefore we dive into the amazing wellness products I’ve got in store for you today I’d like to show you this sleek letter opener from the brand Rubis. The reason I’ve included it in this post is because I’ve got lots more Rubis products to show you today which include great tweezers, nail scissors and nail files which are all vital for that perfect manicure. The letter opener though is a perfect gift and makes any desk look a lot more stylish.Rubis SetIn this and the previous image you can see the manicure set minuit grey & blue which comes in a handy and beautifully deigned pouch which you can easily take with you wherever you go. The set contains the classic elegance tweezers, clipper nail clippers, classic scissors and the glass twist nail file. Unfortunately the glass twist nail file broke in the mail which is why I can’t show it to you in this post. All these tools are perfect for taking care of your nails but also for styling your eyebrows.RubisAbove you can see from top left to right the classic elegance tweezers, classic scissors and the clipper nail clippers. At the bottom is another pair of tweezers that aren’t a part of the manicure set and I will talk about them in a sec. Firstly lets take a closer look at the classic elegance tweezers. They’re high-quality cosmetic tweezers and ideal for plucking eyebrows and removing unwanted hairs. As they’re made of surgical steel you can disinfect and sterilise them easily. My two favourite reasons why I’ve been a fan of Rubis for a while is of course their sleek and classic design but more importantly that they are the best products I’ve ever tried in their field. Especially the tweezers are so precise and good – even after years of using them! The clippers have very sharp blades which insures a clean cut. The design of the handle grip is very comfortable and easy to handle. To trim your nails neatly and smoothly without them breaking, splitting or squeezing you can use the classic scissors. Again due to their amazing quality they will still work beautifully after years.
SwarovskiAs you know I can’t resist some bling especially when its a Swarovski stone. Rubis has created these beautiful classic tweezers in gold with a Swarovski diamond. Of course they have many other amazing designs of these classic tweezers for example in black or with other types of Swarovski stones. Apart from the different design they do exactly the same thing as the classic tweezers I talked about before. Aren’t they just gorgeous!UnboxingNow that the nails are in perfect shape lets take a closer look at the new Alessandro products which you can get at Click and Care. Also make sure to check out all the other great Alessandro products that Click and Care sells. The first cool new tool from Alessandro is their Striplac Mini set. It’s pretty annoying when one of your striplac nails comes off while you’re travelling and you don’t have your striplac lamp with you because it was just too big to bring. That’s where Striplac Mini comes in. The set contains all the important tools you need to quickly repair your manicure.
StriplacThe little lamp is made for one finger so it’s super small. Although it is small it’s still very fast as it only takes 30 seconds to harden the gel. With the USB cable you can easily attach it to your laptop or computer. This amazing and handy set comes in three colours – a nude (above), pink and a red. Of course you can use any of your striplac colours that you already have with the device.SprayIf you prefer a classic manicure where you unfortunately have to wait a lot longer for the polish to dry Alessandro has the solution for you. The Gelactic Nail Polish Speed Dry spray. This spray makes your manicure dry a lot quicker and also gives the polish a lovely shine finish. Now you don’t have to worry about smudging your manicure minutes after having finished it.HandsMy initial thought when I saw these two products was – I’m gonna drink these. Luckily I read the label and realised they’re hand gels. Glad I didn’t drink them! I wasn’t too far off though because the gels are inspired by smoothies and smell like delicious fruit drinks. On the left is the Fresh Up Your Hands Strawberry Delighted Banana version and on the right the Avocado Enchanted Limette scent. Quick tip if you want the gels to be even more refreshing just put them in the fridge for 20 minutes.
CreamsLastly here are a few more hydrating and nourishing products to finish off your manicure and pedicure. On the very left you see the Pedix Feet Go Easy foot balm which is perfect for daily care. The cream sinks in rapidly while protecting the feet from cornea. In the center is one of Alessandro’s amazing hand creams. Alessandro has the best hand creams in my opinion as they smell divine, aren’t oily and are super effective and smoothing. This one here is the Hydrating Magic Manicure Complete with Sea Salt & Natural Oils in the scent Sweet Coco. Yummy! On the far right is the Nail & Lip Balm in the scent Strawberry Delighted Banana which goes with the previously discussed hand gel of the same fragrance. I love using it on my lips as it makes them super soft but of course you can also hydrate your nails with it.

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