Major EOS Haul

Happy Monday morning! 😉 My first thought when I opened my eyes today was, this is going to be just another gloomy cold Monday morning. I was however gravely mistaken because when I flung open the curtains I was greeted with a dazzling view of snow covered trees and rooftops. It has snowed for the first time this year! I love how stunning the world looks covered in a sheet of fresh powdery snow. The only side effect is that it usually means that it has gotten even colder which leads to my lips and especially my hands to dry out and go all chapped. That’s why today is the perfect time to show you one of my favourite brands for that issue and the products I use. Of course I am speaking of eos – short for evolution of smooth. Their name does not disappoint. I have never so far found another brand which comes close when it comes to smoothening the skin. Especially the art of lip balm eos has mastered beautifully.For years now their classic lip balms have been my goto when it comes to taking care of my lips. I apply a layer multiple times a day because I just love the feel, hydration, scent and of course stunning design of the lip balms. Eos also has some other beauties in store though like their body lotion and hand cream. The eos Ultra Hydration Body Lotion with Vanilla Orchid scent contains shea butter which hydrates the skin and avocado oil which helps the skin regenerate more quickly. What I immediately noticed when I first applied the lotion was how quickly it sinks in leaving the skin feeling nourished and smooth but not oily. The vanilla orchid scent is delicious but subtle so you won’t be overwhelmed by it. The texture of the cream is quite thick so you’ll need quite a bit. This however leads to super effective hydration.
My biggest problem in winter is that my hands dry out extremely leaving them cracked and sometimes even bleeding. That’s why it’s super important to me that my hand cream is very good like the eos Hand Lotion also with Vanilla Orchid scent. This hand cream is designed for dry to very dry hands and contains marula oil, avocado oil, shea butter and aloe vera which all work towards smoothing out the skin. Again as with the body lotion the hand cream sinks in amazingly quickly and has a lovely natural scent. Definitely worth it especially if you have dry hands like me! As mentioned I am a longtime eos lip balm lover and always get excited to try the new scents. These three are from left to right Visibly Soft Coconut Milk, Organic Pomegranate Raspberry and Organic Sweet Mint. The Visibly Soft line has a very buttery formula which contains shea and cocoa butter. This line is designed to hydrate especially dry and chapped lips. Also the coconut milk scent is heavenly! The Organic line contains 100% natural ingredients and 95% organic ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and shea butter. They either come in the classic smooth sphere design or the stick lip balm design. They both carry the Cosmos organic signet certified by Ecocert as well as the USDA signet. Again they have a gorgeous design and the two scents are so yummy. 🙂

Are you an eos lover as well?