Years ago I saw this programme on TV about this new brand Magicstripes and its founder the makeup artist Natalie. You can imagine my surprise when I rocked up to an event and realised it was about that exact company I had been so interested in years ago. As you can see I got to meet the founder of Magicstripes Natalie and got to take a selfie with her. 🙂
The original Magicstripes product are these Eyelid Lifting Stripes. They are quite amazing as they lift your eyelid immediately and effectively without surgery. The stripe is a skin-friendly silicone patch which creates a fresh, radiant and younger appearance. As the stripes are transparent and very fine you can barely see or feel them and they’re also super easy to apply. My eyelids aren’t very droopy but even I saw a difference. Definitely a good alternative to surgery!
Magicstripes later also introduced multiple face and skin masks to their line. Top left you see the Hand Repairing Gloves which hydrate and repair the skin as well as reducing wrinkles and helping against skin ageing. Top right is my favourite mask the Magnetic Youth Mask which accelerates cell renewal, slows down skin ageing, detoxes, depuffs and improves skin metabolism. The way this amazing mask works is by the force of magnets integrated in the mask which accelerate the circulation of blood and fluids. This improves the transport of toxins, impurities and excess water out of the body. It is truly innovative! Bottom left is the Lifting Collagen Mask which as the name says lifts, tightens and defines the lower half of the face. Lastly the Chin & Cheek Lifting Mask reduces swelling and has a cooling effect in the chin and cheek area. The Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Mask will give your skin a super boost of hydration which is especially important in winter when the air is very dry. The Deep Detox Tightening Mask is for those days where your skin just breaks out uncontrollably as it will get rid of pesky zits and reduce pores. Lastly the Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches are there for the sensitive area around the eyes. It will moisturise, cool and revive the skin around your eyes effectively.

Have a lovely weekend!





P.S. The gorgeous jewellery I got to wear to the event is from Phantasya.


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