Lash Lifting at the Lash Bar

As you may know this isn’t the first time I’ve tried one of the Lash Bar’s many treatments. Recently I gave the Brow Wow Perfection Design a try and also their Lash Extensions. If you want to know more about my experience of these treatments you can find my review of the brows here and of the lashes here. This time I tried out their Lash Lifting treatment and also got the Brow Wow Perfection Design done again. That’s the reason why my brows look so on point in these photos! 🙂
The Lash Lifting takes place in this cosy setting. More on the Lash Bar’s new location later however. Before I get into the experience I’ll quickly explain what the Lash Lifting is exactly. So basically the lashes get curled and died which gives your eyes a more awake, wider and stunning look. Thanks to the tint it also looks like you’re wearing mascara at all times.The process takes around 60 minutes and will last you for up to eight weeks. The way these luscious lashes get created is by first lifting the lashes and fixing them in their new position. Afterwards you can have them died either in a black or blue black shade. The Lash Lifting is harmless for your lashes and can be repeated however often you like. Also you can apply mascara on top of the lashes which makes them look even more stunning.Personally I really enjoyed the relaxing treatment. It doesn’t hurt at all and the results are totally worth it. Especially if you’re like me and have practically invisible lashes but want to try an alternative to lash extensions then this is the treatment for you. Your lashes will look curled and voluminous all the time and with the tint you won’t even have to apply mascara if you don’t want to. An additional bonus is that they last for up to eight weeks meaning you don’t have to worry about your lashes for a long time. Definitely worth a try!As promised earlier I’d like to quickly introduce you to the Lash Bar’s new location. Their new address is Löwenstrasse 12 in Zurich. This location is super central and easy to get to and of course they have decorated the place beautifully as you can see. Naturally there are plenty of mirrors to admire your new look in and take the occasional #mirrorselfie. 😉
Lastly I’d like to also talk about the gorgeous jewellery I’m wearing in the photos. The set is from a new company called The Sparkle which sells plenty of stunning jewellery sets and pieces such as the ones I’m wearing above. Be sure to check them out!